Boiler Repair Emergency

Have a boiler repair emergency and not sure where to turn, at EPHG Limited we explain everything about the boiler breakdown from the broken boiler to how to repair the boiler. EPHG Limited run a 24 hour boiler repair service throughout the UK and were prepaired to give you the answers your looking for. Maybe your a emergency boiler repair engineer looking for a great read and hopefully we can give you this and please watch our video we've uploaded.

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What type of boiler repair emergencies do boiler engineers do

On a boiler repair emergency, the type of jobs they do are related to no hot water or no central heating, many of our clients get mixed up between cyclinder boiler and the gas boiler when the term boiler is mostly relating to a boiler that heats up your central heating and most of the time your hot water.

We suppose from time to time when you have a boiler related problem we can also refer to the cyclinder or in our gas the gas operated boiler, after all both type of boilers heat water up directly of indirectly.

The only type of boilers a general plumber is allowed to work on is a vented cylinder that is not gas operated for example, replacing an immersion heater and stat.

An emergency boiler engineer will also be qualified to work on the type of emergency boiler required for example, if the boiler is natural gas, then your would expect a gas safe register engineer to work on it, if the boiler is run by oil, you would expect an Oftec register engineer to work on the boiler.

If you come accross an unvented cylinder with no gas boiler, these type of boilers are located in cupboards in apartment blocked.

As were all avout natural gas boiler repair emergency, will will be explaining more about these type of boilers. The make of boilers we deal with are as mentioned Alpha, Ariston, Baxi, Biasi, Faroli, Glow Worm, Heatline, Ideal, Main, Potterton, Ravenheat, Vaillant, Viesmann, Vokera and Worcester.

What should a consumer expect on boiler repair emergency

The first thing a client will experience with there boiler repair emergency is that there is no heating or hot water which is a very common issue amongst the uk population.

Fairly similar to the gas emergency article we had written about mentioning boiler problems relating to gas, this is similar but the only difference in this article, we go on more indepth about gas boiler issues.

The first thing a gas engineer will do when visiting the property is ask questions for example, are you getting hot water, heating, are you getting any error codes or have you any history of the boiler not working. There are many other questions a boiler repair technician can ask such as have you had you boiler serviced in the last 12 months or had a gas safe certificate done.

Some questioned that may refer to the boiler repair emergency are central heating power flushing which is another service we can offer if the engineer advices this or explains that to repair your boiler, you need a power flush.

Once the engineer has a little idea about the issue your getting and at this point the engineer has already checked the room stat and controls is to check the boiler.

Some central heating boilers now have error codes that explaint the issue of the boiler repair emergency well most central heating boilers you have to take the boiler apart and do a diagnostic.

If the engineer turns up and finds the boiler already taken apart, then is a chance he will just say 'I'm not working on it' and the reason for this is due to the engineers responsibilities working on a boiler repair.

An engineer doesn't generally fix a faulty boiler from another boiler engineers diagnostics so if the broken down boiler has already had a boiler diagnostic done and you call someone else out, then expect for the boiler diagnostic to be done again.

The chances of fixing a boiler on the first visit is an estimated 70% due to special parts being ordered or the boiler is absolutely un-fixable. Just because a broken boiler requiring a boiler repair emergency, doesn't mean that it cant be fixed by an alternative gas safe engineer, it's just that as there is so much responsibily, sometimes safety can be a grey area where one engineer thinks it's dangerous another will think it's fine.

If your issue isn't with the boiler and it's with the electric and your looking for information on electical emergency the please tank a look at that article, you can also check out out plumbing emergency page or our heating emergency central heating emergency.

With EPHG Limited we believe that a grey area should never be an excuse to having the broken boiler fixed as we believe safety is paramount.

Once the engineer leaves the property, the engineer should leave the fixed or broken boiler in a safe condition.

The top 5 most likely reasons for a gas emergency call out

1. Gas boiler not working.

2. Water leaking from boiler.

3. Pressure at 0 on boiler.

4. Error code coming up on boiler.

5. Part on boiler is faulty.

Here is a list of the last 100 gas emergency jobs we have taken

1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar cdi conventional Not working - Maybe pump.

2. Water leaking from combi boiler no heating or hot water.

3. Valiant gas boiler dripping water.

4. Boiler making loud noise.

5. Problem between air pressure switch on Ariston boiler.

6. Vokera combi boiler no heating or hot water.

7. Isar HE24 gas boiler, no central heating or hot water.

8. worcester cdi boiler not igniting.

9. Ideal boiler leaking water.

10. Gas boiler with no heating or hot water.

11. Honeywell heating system hot water not working and heating stuck on 21c.

12. Keeps showing AO1 fault code. vokera Boiler (No heating or hot water).

13. Potterton combi no heating or hot water.

14. Ideal logic combi boiler no heating or hot water.

15. Gas boiler low presssure.

16. Gas boiler not working.

17. Leak from Worcester boiler.

18. Worcester Bosch boiler with no hot water and it's leaking.

19. Combi boiler won't fire up.

20. Gas boiler keeps locking out.

21. Potterton promax boiler leaking.

22. Worcester 24i no heating or hot water.

23. Viessmann Gas boiler hissing.

24. Worcester gas boiler no heating or hot water.

25. Service and fix boiler and also dripping tap.

26. Valliant gas system boiler no power.

27. Leaking pipe from boiler.

28. No hot water.

29. Water leaking from boiler.

30. Boiler wont ignite.

31. Valiant boiler displaying F75 which is low pressure.

32. Valiant boiler with no heating or hot water.

33. Central heating not coming on Potterton boiler.

34. Wilo pump displays error. Boiler is a Baxi.

35. Worcester combo boiler water leaking from boiler.

36. Pilot light wont relight.

37. Boiler issue (re pressurise boiler to 1 bar and vent).

38. Power max no Heating or hot water.

39. Leak one main stopcock.

40. Boiler central heating keeps tripping.

41. 2 Mega flow boilers are making strange loud noises.

42. F4 fault on gloworn combi boiler.

43. Expansion tank above water tank leak from the flexi hose.

44. Gas boiler with low water pressure. Boiler just needs topping up but customer doest have a key.

45. Viessman combi no heating or hot water.

46. Combi Logic Boiler - no heating or hot water.

47. Ideal min combi no hot water but heating still works.

48. Boiler has no heating or hot water - ideal boiler.

49. My boiler is leaking.

50. Glowworm boiler with no heating or hot water.

51. Boiler stopped working.

52. Worcester boiler leaking water.

53. Possibly low pressure on boiler and leak on joint of pipe.

53. Back chrome platinum boiler - have hot water but no heating.

54. Pressure low on boiler.

55. Glowworm boiler not igniting.

56. Boilers not staying on to power the under floor heating.

57. Gloworm F6 Fault no heating or hot water.

58. Worcester boiler locked out.

59. Boiler leaking water and not working - combi .

60. Boiler no heating or hot water. - Glowworm.

61. Boiler not working - no heating or hot water.

62. Boiler pouring with water.

63. Boiler pressure keeps dropping.

64. Hot water but no heating.

65. Leak from boiler through ceiling.

66. Power cut now boiler wont light.

67. Boiler broken down no central heating or hot water alpha hecb33.

68. Ideal Icos boiler not working. No central heating or hot water.

69. Leak from underneath boiler.

70. No heating is working, not a combi boiler.

71. No heating and cant reset boiler.

72. Combi boiler - no heating or hot water in the property.

73. No heating in the property.

74. Boiler leaking water.

75. Pilot light will not stay on, no heating or hot water.

76. Boiler not working.

77. Baxi combi boiler no heating.

78. Valiant boiler system no hot water or heating maybe low pressure.

79. Worcester combi not working pilot lights keeps cutting out.

80. Gloworm boiler no hot water or heating.

81. No heating from boiler.

82. Boiler leaking water.

83. Pipe from boiler leaking.

84. No heating - gas boiler not sure of make.

85. Ideal Boiler is leaking water.

86. Central heating not working. Glowworm ultimate boiler.

87. Gas Combi no heating or hot water.

88. Boiler leaking hot water. Ideal boiler.

89. Gloworm hideaway no heating or hot water .

90. Glowworm boiler not working. No heating or hot water.

91. Ferroli combi no heating.

92. Boiler no heating or hot water.

93. Valve leaking below boiler.

94. Bird stuck behind boiler fire, rspca requesting gas safe eng to remove then replace fire.

95. Ideal Icos H24 Gas Boiler not working.

96. Not hot water, boiler showing pressure error codes.

97. Valliant conbi boiler low pressure.

98. Ferroli F24 Low pressure.

99. Alpha Combi boiler dripping water out the bottom.

100. Ideal boiler possibly blocked condenser pipe.

Can I get any boiler engineer no matter the boiler repair emergency

If your wondering if you can get any boiler technicians no matter the boiler repair emergency then the answer is no.

There are many differnet type of boiler engineers, mostly ones that are gas safe working on faulty boilers that are run by natural gas. The are also gas engineers that can work on commercial, lpg and oil boilers. There are also boilers that are run by no gas, oil or lpg and just use electric to heat th e water up.

Advice on gas emergency

The best advice we can give you when it comes to boiler repair emergencies from the last 100 boiler repair emergency work before calling is to note down the name and make of the boiler, make sure you have an instruction manual before the boiler repair engineer turns up by either keeping the manual that originally came with the boiler or downloading it and printing it up from teh internet.

As we are a national company and you require a gas safe engineer for your boiler repair emergency, then you can give us a call on 07720 247 247 and one of the staff will answer so that we can organise an emergency boiler repair engineer to attend your broken down boiler or you could visit the gas safe register, put in your post code, maybe use the advanced setting and find a local gas safe engineer saving us searching for you.

I (Martin Smith) hope I've been informative enough to anyone that has read this article and hope you share it with your friends.