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At EPHG Limited we explain everything about the electrical emergency from you requiring a 24 hour electrician to coming out in an emergency or just looking for some useful answers. Maybe your an emergency electrician looking for a great read and hopefully we can give you this and please watch our video we've uploaded.

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What type of electrical emergencies do electricians do

Just before we explain what type of electrical emergencies do electricians do in an emergency, we have asked a group of electricians a few questions relating to the 24 hour electrical emergencies. Just below in the next heading, here is what we have asked them.

Do many electricians do 24 hour emergency electrical? What are the common electrical emergencies do electricians do? What advice can you give to a potential client when an emergency electrical issue arises and can you save them money? Do many electricians give a service of a 24 hour plumber related to electrical and non electrical? Just below here some answers we have received.

Here is what many of the 24 hour emergency electricians have had to say

1. Power failures caused by crap terminations is a common one. Things breaking at stupid o clock. Appliances developing faults and tripping RCDs
Etc, etc, etc.
Best advice to save a client money? Do it once, do it right. Make sure your electrician is able to do what you want. Check references from previous customers. Look at previous work if possible.

At this point the group admin Phil Cochlan of electricians community uk took me out the forum, wouldnt explain why but I'm presuming they didnt want me to write this article. How, there was another group I could ask on the social network.

2. Safe and isolated only generally unless its a straightforward obvious fault on call out..booked follow on appointment.

3. My smoke detector keeps beeping.

At this point I (Martin Smith) decided that the answer started to get a bit off the subject and what should an emergency electrician charge so I thought it would be best just explaining our experience as we are one of the largest companies in the uk taking on emergencies and what better than just to give you our opinion. Please note this is a true statement led by our last 100 electrical emergency jobs.

What should a consumer expect on an electrical emergency

The first thing a client will experience with an electrical emergency could be either there consumer unit tripping, sockets or lightling not working or maybe even both, maybe there is no power at all coming into the house, some DIY enthusiasts that find themself drilling into the wall or doing other working causing wiring to work loose, is to call a 24 hour electrician.

The most likely reason for an emergency electrician to attend immediately could be that they have no central heating to the property, the fridge freezer is warming meaning the loss off food, it could be that having no lighting is scary and lets face it, were no longer accustomed to having candles in the house unless your old fashion or just like to keep candles.

Many clients of ours can easily get very worried about electrical issue and this is just one of the main reasons that they would like an electrician in a hurry but the biggest question on our clients mind is, what should I expect when an emergency electrician turns up.

If you have a consumer unit issue then the chances are about 80% that you will get it fixed on site but please keep in mind if you have an issue of electrical problems because this can be tell tale signs that your going to be in the 20% manority.

Most of the reason that a client feels there is an issue with the consumer unit is because they have a faulty appliance which we estiamte to being 90% of the time so by disconnecting plug sockets, appliances your most likely going to find your consumer unit come back on without tripping.

The issue with conusmer units tripping could even be an issue with an extension lead, faulty wiring working lose or a bad installation. Bad installations are generally found with lights or extending sockets and over loading or not using the correct materials for the job.

Over load your circuit can also be the cause of the consumer unit tripping but but when it comes to an electrical emergency it is always very important to leave it to the proffessionals and get a registered emergency electrician.

If you hear buzzing, sparking or smell any electric it is very important to call your local 24 hour electrician as it could be further costly if you dont and if you dont know an electrician, you could call our team and we can get you an electrical engineer over to you in an emergency.

Drilling through cables can also be a worried such as do I need to thread a new wiring through in order to fix the problem, is a 24 hour electrician going to be able to fix this then the answer to this is most likely yes and could even be a perminent job done within half an hour.

Tha average electrical emergency is done with 30 to 40 minutes as log as there is no issue and the electric has been correctly wired in but in some case, having electrical issue can be a nightmare and turn in to a days work or more but let think possitive because this is what we dont want.

The chances that you will get a perminent fix when you have an electrical emergency in the daytime of in the middle of the night is always going to be about 80% unless the issue is relating to your alarm and it becomes more of an alarm specialist job.

The top 10 most likely reasons for an electrical emergency call out

1. Consumer Unit Tripping.

2. Sockets not working.

3. No power anywhere.

4. No lighting.

5. Drilled through electric power.

6. DIY Wiring.

7. Alarm is going off.

8. Burning Smell.

9. Buzz sound from consumer unit.

10. Appliance not working.

Here is a list of the last 100 electrical emergency jobs we have taken

1. Circuit tripping.

2. Wiring mixed up.

3. Sockets not working.

4. Consumer unit tripping on both ring mains.

5. Consumer unit tripping and wont come back on.

6. No plug sockets working in the house.

7. Drilled through the electric and consumer unit tripping.

8. No electric to ground floor.

9. Rcd keeps tripping.

10. Consumer unit keeps tripping.

11. Sockets not working.

12. RCD tripping and sockets not working.

13. No power anywhere.

14. Need electrical certificate check and power coming back on.

15. Consumer unit has tripped to the sockets.

16. Burning smell from sockets.

17. 100amp main switch has blown in the fuse board and have no power.

18. No lights working in the house.

19. Consumer unit went and wont restart.

20. Old style fuse box fuse has blown.

21. Electric keeps tripping.

22. ADT alarm needs to be disabled.

23. No sockets working .

24. Electrics tripped in shop.

25. Electric to lights in kitchen issue plus fridge freezer problems.

26. Had a leak yesterday needs electric testing.

27. RCD tripping after 15 seconds.

28. RCD tipped certain sockets won't work.

29. Recess lights shorting Fizzing sound.

30. Audible security alarm wont turn off, needs disconnecting

31. Fuse has blown.

32. Consumer unit keeps tripping.

33. Switch tripping out all electrics.

34. Electrics keep tripping.

35. One of the circuit breakers seems to be burning.

36. RCD will not reset.

37. No power to sockets in kitchen, or outside lights.

38. Electric cooker is tripping, either to make safe or fix.

39. RCD will not reset.

40. Light not working on ground floor circuit not however upstairs is other way round.

41. Leak in bathroom coming through light requiring an electrician.

42. Electric consumer unit has tripped.

43. Half sockets not working.

44. Flat with no electrics.

45. Fire blew out now sockets aren't working.

46. Fan has caused the electric to trip.

47. Consumer unit tripping.

48. Power cut in the property.

49. Electrical safety check needs doing due to leak.

50. Consumer unit tripping.

51. RCD sparking.

52. Tried to fit new light fixture and now the electrics are tripping.

53. No power to sockets or lights.

54. All electrics in the property have gone off.

55. All power in the property has gone, due to consumer unit.

56. RCD switch won't stay.

57. Smoke coming from red unit.

58. Circuit tripping.

59. Just re-wired a light switch and all the wiring is old.

60. Electric shower tripped at RCD unit.

61. Power downstairs is tripping.

62. Electric supply to kitchen has stopped working.

63. Circuit board keeps tripping.

64. Sockets not working.

65. Consumer unit fault stopping front door from locking.

66. No power to the house.

67. Sparks coming from fuse box.

68. Electric keeps tripping off lights working.

69. All power cut out.

70. Buzzing sound coming from fuse box also smell of burning.

71. Upstairs lights tripped out.

72. No power to one set of sockets.

73. No sockets working in the house.

74. No power to sockets.

75. Circuits have blown and no power in property.

76. Electric blackouts in the property.

77. Electric trip switch has a fault.

78. Main fuse gone and no electricity at all.

79. No power to consumer unit.

80. Electric circuits keep tripping.

81. Circuit panel blown on pump.

82. Electric circuit keeps shorting.

83. Transformer has failed and no power or lights.

84. Electrics tripping to fridges and tills.

85. In utility room there is a fuse switch that you turn on to power heating and hot water, the switch has stopped working.

86. No power in the property.

87. Smoke alarm keeps setting off.

88. Light fitting not fitted properly.

89. RCD keeps tripping.

90. Electrics have all gone out so there is no power in the property..

91. Sockets tripping on consumer unit.

92. No power in house. Lighting is fine just no sockets.

93. All the sockets in the property have stopped working.

94. Electrics tripping due to either earth or RCD Fault.

95. Main fuse box keeps tripping.

96. No electricity to sockets.

97. 1 of the sockets in the house is sparking.

98. All electrics fused, alarm going off.

99. Electrical isolation switch in bathroom wasn't working so he tried to change it and made a mess of it. There is now wires hanging everywhere.

100. Main switch wont switch back on.

Can I get any electrician no matter the electrical emergency

If your wondering if you can any electrician no matter the electrical emergency then the answer is no.

Most emergency electricians work on the main wiring going to appliance but not the appliance themself for example, if you have a faulty cooker then all the engineer will most likely do is make safe of the situation and advice a new cooker. If you have an alarm going of then as long as the electrician has a set of ladders, the electrician can make safe of the alarm but not reset it due to a specialist programmer in alarms.

It could be an issue with CCTV or electric gates not working and in many experince if the issue is a niche market then the chance are on an electrical emergency is just to make safe.

Many clients get mixed up between an electrician and a heating engineer when in some instances it can also be board line and with some installations you can tell if you need an emergency electrician or an emergency heating engineer.

A common situation when this occures is the boiler isnt working or the hot water cylinder is cold and not heating up but do I need an emergency plumber.

If you have an electrical stick that you put near the wire showing if its live or not can tell the difference if its plumbing related more so than requiring an engineer for an electrical emergency.

If your lucky and were lucky we have an engneer on the system is that the electrician is also competent to work as an emergency plumber. Sometimes from our point of view is to ask as many questions then suggest what your most likely going to need and then to ask the client what would they like to ask however it would be wise from this point to go where the statistics explain and that would be that it is a 80% chance that the immersion has gone and you will require a qualified plumber.

Advice on electrical emergency

The best advice we can give if you get any of the above issues is to make sure your consumer unit has tripped off and if not then to call an emergency electrician to explain the electrical emergency issue.

You may be able to get your power on by unplugging everything that was on at the time that isnt usually on to start of with and unpluging all the appliance.

Common appliance to go are cookers, fridge freezer, toaster, kettles, central heating boilers, hot water cylinders, all of which can be switched of then turned back on.

Sometimes you may find yourself with an extension lead that is causing the power to trip or maybe there's been some DIY work in the house that has been badly installed.

Failing the above, you may just need to get an emergency electrician out or call our company and we will get an electrician out for you immediately and within a reasonable time schedule.

If you have no power at all then it may be worth while as in so many cases, checking your next door neighbour as it may not be your power and it can be many houses and therefore you have nothing to worry about getting an emergency electrician out for an electrical emergency but just to wait until your power gets back on.

If your an electrician reading this article then please call Martin Smith on 07730247247 so that you can join our network of engineers and therefore what is your gain is the clients gain.

If you have water leaking over the electrics and in need of an emergency plumber, then we can also organise an emergency plumber and as our company is gas safe, we can also organise an emergency heating engineer.

I (Martin Smith) hope I've been informative enough to anyone that has read this article and hope you share it with your friends.