Central Heating Emergency 24 Hrs

At EPHG Limited we explain everything about the Central Heating emergency from you requiring a 24 hour central heating engineer to coming out in an emergency or just looking for some useful answers. Maybe your an emergency central heating engineer looking for a great read and hopefully we can give you this and please watch our video we've uploaded.

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What type of Central Heating emergencies do Central Heating Engineers do

The type of emergencies central heating engineer do are boiler not firing up, no heating to the radiators, central heating control clock not working, thermostat no clicking on.

There are many reasons regarding an occupant requiring a 24 hour central heating emergency call out and most of the time it is the fact that the boiler isnt firing up.

Having issues with your central heating is normaly seasonal and in the summer, most central heating boilers are generally kept off.

A central heating emergency will generally start between September to November and more so in December and happens 70% of the time when we get an arctic blast meaning most central heating boiler step up a gear.

The type of jobs a central heating will work on faulty diverter valves, TRV sticking, airlock in central heating pipes, central heating pump not coming on or operating in any way, fixing or making safe of central heating leaks, working on the central heating boiler directly.

There are many central heating engineer but not all carry a heat sensing camera which is very good when it comes to the central heating emergency to detect what central heating pipes are working and what are not.

What should a consumer expect on an Central Heating emergency

The first thing that will happen when and occupant, home owner/client will experience when finding out they have a central heating emergency is that they have no heating, they will first of all play around with teh controls and check the stat, due to complications and understanding, it can take up to half an hour before the client will decide that they now require a central heating engineer.

In todays method of finding a 24 hour heating engineer the first thing most clients do is try to find a recommended gas safe engineer, maybe one that they have used in a past or ask a freind if they know of any, many times it is so much easier to just search on the internet and call an emergency heating engineer from there and if your more old fashioned, you could search in a book of a directory.

Most emergency central heating engineers will arrive the same day or the next day depending on how busy they are and if your looking for a national company to help you, you could call EPHG Limited on 07724 247 247 and we will aim to get an engineer to you immediately and within a reasonable time. Maybe your an engineer that cant get to the client and maybe you could recommend our company for the clients 24 hour emergency heating service.

Once the 24 hour heating engineer arrives, the first thing they will do is ask questions, once the questions have been asked then the most simple of checks are done first and that is check the room stat if there is one, check the control unit to see if it is working then move on to the boiler to see if it firing up.

If any of the first three stage are found faulty, it could be an issue with the stat, the control unit or the boiler. By doing these check, it could leed on to other issues such as the central central heating pump, PCB issue, a sensor on the boiler or some kind of blockage.

A common issue is central heating sludge and if you have this, you will be very lucky to have your boiler working again and if this is the case, the engineer may only get it working for a couple of hours, 24 hours, a couple of weeks or longer. If you have central heating sludge then the first thing you need to get done is a central heating power flush and get it done very quickly because this can be the difference the having your heating on or not.

When you have a central heating emergency, we find that an estimate 70% of our clients we manage to get there central heating working again but the other 30% is due to requiring special parts or a big job needs doing.

Please note my a gas engineer asking advice to a fellow gas engineer doesnt meen there not qualified enough, it just means that the time of issue, there fellow engineer has experienced it more and there it may safe time for the client that has a central heating emergency.

It is estimated that 20% of emergency heating engineers can do an electrical emergency, so if you find that the issue is no longer heating related, not all emergency heating engineer work on electrical but we can supply you with a 24 hour emergency electrician.

The top 5 most likely reasons for an Central Heating emergency call out

1. Boiler not firing up.

2. How water working but no central heating.

3. Central heating control unit not working.

4. Room stat not clicking.

5. Radiators warm at the top but cold at the bottom.

Here is a list of the last 10 Central Heating emergency jobs we have taken

1. Leaking radiator and boiler pressure gone down.

2. Boiler has no power getting to it but the rest of the electric in the house is fine.

3. Getting hot water but no central heating.

4. Boiler has gone into lock out.

5. Boiler not working.

6. getting an error code on the boiler.

7. Boiler firing but pump is not circulating.

8. Consumer unit keeps tripping everytime the boiler comes on.

9. Boiler only comes on for 1 minute but goes off again.

10. Radiators working upstairs but not downstairs.

Can I get any central heating engineer no matter the Central Heating emergency

Some central heating engineer are only as qualified as a plumber or maybe a gas engineer, even if they are a qualified gas engineer, it does not mean they can work on gas unless they are gas safe and hold a current gas safe card which they should carry round at all times and if not, you should be able to find them in the gas safe register.

If the central heating emergency is a problem within the gas boiler then you must have a gas safe engineer and it is very important that you do not enter the boiler yourself causing danger to life.

If the electric is tripping and you have an electrical fault before the power point to the electric isolation switch leading to the boiler, then you will require an emergency electrician and not a emergency central heating engineer.

Advice on Central Heating emergency

Our advice when it comes to having a central heating emergency meaning no heating in your home or it is partially working is to do all the basic checks such as the room stat, the control unit and make sure you have power to the boiler.

We do not advice to attempt to fix the issue yourself due to the dangers or entering a central heating boiler. If your heating controls are on then you could check all the rooms to see if you have heating in any of them and check the valves are on.

It is always a good idea to note down the name of the boiler, check if your in gaurantee or have a service plan with a company who look after your central heatin emergencies.

If your deciding to call out an emergency central heating engineer then make sure who you get out is gas safe registered and ask them to identify themself.

If your an emergency central heating engineer reading this article then please call Martin Smith on 07730247247 so that you can join our network of engineers and therefore what is your gain is the clients gain.

When you have a gas engineer coming out it is very important to get your manual or boiler instructions as the gas safe engineer may reuqire it when fault finding. If you dont have a manual then it may be a good idea to order one or download it off the internet.

If you have an electrical issue and in need of an electrician, then we can also organise an emergency electrician as part of our emergency service, we can also organise an emergency gas engineer if you have any gas safe issues.

I (Martin Smith) hope I've been informative enough to anyone that has read this article and hope you share it with your friends.