EPHG Contacts

Welcome to ours contacts

Welcome to our contacts page that explains which number to call when looking to call us. Please note that any general emergencies, please contact the number above but failing that then you may be able to call us using the numbers below.

Email our company

  • Any invoice requests please send to martin@ephg.limited
  • Owner & director (Martin Smith): martin@ephg.limited
  • Admin accounts: (Lisa Smith) lisa.ephg@gmail.com
  • Complaints & GDPR Officer is Martin Smith at martin@ephg.limited

Company Address

EPHG Limited, 40 Royds Close, Tottington. BL8 3QD

Company Number: 9559055

Landlines, Freephones & Mobiles

  • (A) Customer Service Mobile: 07720247247 Diverts to (B) DO NOT TEXT.
  • (B) Customer Service: 01613024347 Diverts to (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (S) (J) and (U) at same time.
  • (C) Martin Smith Direct Customer Service: 07887847247.
  • (D) Adrian Direct Customer Service & Assistant Manager: 07833224247.
  • (E) Ben Customer Service: 07788257247.
  • (F) Luke Customer Service: 07789724247.
  • (G) Kieran - Customer Service *NEW*: 07595957247.
  • (H) Adam Customer Service: 07795807247.
  • (I) Joe Customer Service *NEW*: 07795510247.
  • (J) Ryan Customer Service *NEW*: 07881205958.
  • (k) Lisa Direct Customer Service: 07510814311.
  • (L) Martin Smith Contact For Engineers: 07730247247.
  • (M) Adrian Contact For Engineers: 07734247247.
  • (N) Ben Contact For Engineees: 07341247247.
  • (O) Adam Contact For Engineers: 07340247247.
  • (P) Luke Contact For Engineers: 07525247247.
  • (Q) Kieran Contact for Engineers *NEW*: 07568247247.
  • (R) Ryan Contact Engineers *NEW*: 07595247247.
  • (S) Joe Contact Engineers *NEW*: 07545247247.
  • (T) Free Phone Number 08009705724 Redirects to (B)
  • (U) Spare incoming phone 07379228786.

Registration numbers

  • Gas Safe Number: 564707
  • WARNING ***Currently the staff members auto reply for the staff on holiday has been disabled due to a fault***
  • Staff are only generally able to communcate when at work & by calling the main line, someone is always taking calls unless busy on another line.