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EPHG have been dealing with plumbing emergencies since 2015, and prior to that Martin Smith has been dealing with them since 1992.

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At EPHG Limited we explain everything about the plumbing emergency from you requiring a 24 hour plumber to coming out in an emergency or just looking for some useful answers. Maybe your an emergency plumber looking for a great read and hopefully we can give you this and please watch our video we've uploaded.

What type of plumbing emergencies do plumbers do

The type of plumbing emergencies we do in an emergency starting from outside are: burst water mains depending on tools and requirements available, burst outside tap also known as the Bib tap.

In the Kitchen, we fix all pipework depending on accessabily, quality and availabily of parts. There is only a 20% of plumbing emergencies we cant fix in the kitchen for example requiring a new kitchen tap and we aim for complete satisfaction.

Many clients seem to thing that having a faulty washing machine is an emergency plumbers job as we get so many calls for this but let us assure you that it is far from this and all we can do is isolate the water to the appliance and advice a washing machine specialist in the area or to call the manufacture in normal working hours.

One of the most likeliest plumbing emergencies generally come from the bathroom as this is an area where most of the plumbing work is located, emergency plumbers genuinely find themself's fixing toilets either leaking, not flushing, blocking or cracked. Flexi pipes are a common sauce of a leak including showers.

The worst type of plumbing emergency in the bathroom is a burst flexi pipe and all you can do here is advice the occupant to turn all taps on in the kitchen, outside and so on to take the water pressure away causing the least amount of damage until an emergency plumber arrives.

Many other common plumbing emergencies are burst radiators, nail through the central heating pipe, water leaking through the ceiling from the tank in the attic, cylinder leaking water and the chances of a fix are similar to the second paragraph mentioned in the section what type of plumbing emergencies do plumbers do.

What should a consumer expect on a plumbing emergency

The first thing a client will experience with a plumbing emergency is most likely water dripping, it could be a damp patch and within 60 seconds reality then hits them and all of a sudden what should I do!

Depending on how bad the leak is will determine your reaction but lets say that it is enough of a plumbing emergency to call an emergency plumber out, the first thing that you should do is to try and locate the mains water stop valve depending on the seriousness of the leak. If you cant find the stopvalve, maybe ask your next door neighbor as there home may have a very similar set up.

If the leak is manageable then the best thing is to try and make good of the leak for example by place a pan, tray, towel or a bucket underneath and start calling aound for an emergency plumber. If you have our number then great, keep the number because we are the national company most likely to send our an emergency plumber quickest by calling 07720247247.

We believe the time it take to find an emergency plumber to come out is about 10 to 30 minutes but knowing who to call immediately can make the best of difference. If your lucky, a fellow engineer could recommend our company knowing the client is in good hands and knowing will we give the client a great service.

The time is takes to get an emergency plumber to a plumbing emergency is genuinly within 2 hours with most companies but with the technolgy that EPHG Limited have, we're most likely going to get an engineer over within the hour.

If your reading this article in March 2017 then the average time is about 40 minutes, however our new system we hope to half the average estimated time of arrival with the App being completed in April and a further update later on in the year.

Once the engineer enters the house to commence work, you would expect him to carry no tools to start with as he may have to fill in the custoer details depending on the engineer visiting, access the situation and then establish the best route of action.

At teh end of the job, the engineer will either make a perminant fix of make it temporary if requiring to make safe.

The average time it takes for a plumber to do an emergency is about 20-minutes unless it is related to central heating, cylinders or the job becomes tricky to work on. Just below are a list of the most common type of plumbing emergencies your most likely going to experince when you have a plumbing emergency.

The top 10 most likely reasons for a plumbing emergency call out

1. Water coming through the ceiling.

2. Leaking radiator.

3. Leak coming from under the sink.

4. Leaking toilet

5. Leak under the bath.

6. Tap wont turn off.

7. Blocked toilet.

8. Nail or screwed into the pipe.

9. Drilled into the pipe in the wall.

10. Leaking tank.

Here is a list of the last 100 plumbing emergency jobs we have taken

1. Water leaking through the ceiling from the flat above.

2. Kitchen tap won't turn off.

3. Saniflow blocked.

4. Leaking radiator pipe below radiator.

5. Drilled through central heating pipe in the hallway on the first.

6. Burst pipe under the kitchen sink.

7. Tank in attic constantly filling.

8. Drilled into central heating pipe.

9. Inlet pipe to the washing machine is leaking.

10. Leaking pipe to expansion tank in loft.

11. Wall wet in the bedroom possible leaking pipe

12. Leaking stopvalve.

13. Copper pipe on radiator has bent.

14. Fit taps and sink waste kit.

15. Water leaking through the ceiling.

16. Leak under the bath.

17. Mains stopcock leaking.

18. Water leak in the garage. Pipe leaking from the pump.

19. Blocked toilet only.

20. Toilet inlet pipe leaking.

21. Water leaking from the toilet cistern.

22. Leaking Tank in the attic area.

23. Water leaking through kitchen ceiling.

24. Water leaking through kitchen ceiling.

25. Leaking radiator.

26. Leak coming from the radiator.

27. Cap broken off! And leaking water stop valve passing.

28. Leak under kitchen sink.

29. Leak coming through the ceiling.

30. Water leaking from the shower.

31. Leak from the shower.

32. Radiator valve has come off.

33. Leak coming through the ceiling.

34. Drilled through radiator pipe.

35. Burst pipe below the sink.

36. Leaking flexi pipe underneath sink.

37. Leak from the radiator valve.

38. Leaking pipe under bath.

39. Washing machine valve to dishwasher leaking.

40. Isolation valve near radiator is leaking.

41. Outside tap in garage leaking out of tap.

42. Electric fan pipe system under kick board of kitchen leaking.

43. Leak from radiator pipe.

44. Leak from ensuite.

45. Leak coming from tap in the kitchen.

46. Leak from stop cock downstairs.

47. Leak dripping through the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom.

48. Water coming through the ceiling.

49. Hot water leaking under sink in bathroom.

50. Cistern leaking.

51. Drilled through central heating pipe.

52. Water leaking into the airing cupboard from the loft.

53. Blocked toilet.

54. Leaking stop valve at bottom nut estimated to be about 42mm.

55. Leaking in the cupboard .

56. Blocked sink.

57. Leak coming through the ceiling from bathroom above.

58. Water leaking from the cylcinder in the loft.

59. Burst water tank.

60. Burst pipe leak through ceiling.

61. Radiator come off the wall and pipe is leaking.

62. Supply pipe coming into kitchen has split.

63. Drilled through 2 copper pipes.

64. Nut cracked from isolating valve radiator.

65. Hit a water pipe which is now leaking.

66. Pipe in bathroom has come loose and is leaking everywhere .

67. Radiator leaking from the valve.

68. Burst pipe under floor board.

69. Shower needs replacing.

70. Drilled through wall and hit radiator pipe.

71. Blocked waste pipe from dishwashers .

72. Leak coming from isolation valve.

73. Water leaking through the ceiling in the kitchen and stopcock wont turn off.

74. Lock shield valve needs replacing on the radiator.

75. Downstairs Flooding.

76. Water leaking from bathroom to downstairs kitchen.

77. Toilet blocked.

78. Emerson heater not working.

79. Electric boiler no hot water.

80. Leaking radiator.

81. Screwed through gas pipe.

82. Leaking pipe to the radiator.

83. Bathroom tap won't switch off.

84. Leak from under the sink.

85. Ball cock snapped off in toilet.

86. Blocked toilet.

87. Nail through copper central heating pipe.

88. Leak in the bathroom.

89. Leak coming from toilet cistern.

90. Washing machine pipe leaking.

91. Leak from tank in the loft.

92. Leak coming through ceiling.

93. Water leaking through the ceiling.

94. Leaking pipe under floor boards.

95. Needs 2 sinks reconnecting, 1 sink in kitchen and one sink in bathroom needs connecting to wall.

96. Leak coming through kitchen.

97. Screw through pipe

98. Leak coming through ceiling.

99. Trace and repair leak.

100. Inlet to cistern fittings broken.

Can I get any plumber no matter the plumbing emergency

If your wondering if you can get any plumber no matter the plumbing emergency then the answer is no.

However some issues are very basic and require very little experience such as isolating teh water and the emrgency is complete. There are many reason why the most basic emergency cant be dealt with by the client due to disabilities and it may not be right for us to advice them what to do or frown upon them in any way.

If the client cant turn the tap of and would like someone to come out immediately then as a reputable company this is what EPHG Limited are best at.

If you have a leaking boiler that is operated by gas then all an emergency plumber can do is isolate the water and drain down the central heating system. If your expecting the emergency plumber to look inside the boiler at the leak then teh engineer would not be doing his job correct because this is not allowed. From the point the engineer will advice the client to use a gas safe registered engineer.

A competant plumber should be able to replace a central heating pump or a shower pump but may be restricted when it comes to wiring. As long as the engineer is competant then the plumber should be able to disconect the wiring at teh point of either pumps and reconnect again to the new installed pump.

Advice on plumbing emergency

The best advice we can give you when it comes to plumbing emergencies from the last 100 plumbing jobs we have taken is to make sure your installation is well maintained and taken note of.

If you have any disabilities or difficulties when it comes to plumbing, maybe it could be that your afraid and dont know what to do in course of a plumbing emergency and that is to take all neccesary steps to make sure the issue is easily taken care of. You could get a stopvalve that isolates in the switch of a button for example.

It is always advisory if you've had an emergency plumber visit your home to ask him or give any further opinion or advice on plumbing in order to try and advoid any plumbing issues in future.

If you have water leaking over the electrics and in need of an emergency electrician then we can also organise an emergency electrician and as our company is gas safe, we can also organise an emergency heating engineer.

I (Martin Smith) hope I've been informative enough to anyone that has read this article and hope you share it with your friends.