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At EPHG Limited we explain everything about the gas emergency from you requiring a 24 hour gas engineer to coming out in an emergency or just looking for some useful answers. Maybe your a emergency Gas Engineer looking for a great read and hopefully we can give you this and please watch our video we've uploaded.

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What type of gas emergencies do gas engineers do

The type of gas emergencies to that gas engineers do are gas leaks, boiler break downs, back boiler not firing up, living room gas fire not firing, bird stuck behind gas fire, faulty gas fire, not enough gas coming through the gas cooker, boiler smoking, boiler wont turn off, nail through gas pipe and carbone monoxide alarm bleeping.

The type of gas emergencies from faulty boilers are in our boiler repair emergency boiler repair emergency section. There are only a few areas of the home regarding gas emergencies and sometime other areas such as the garage, out house, bedroom, bathroom but in this article were going to talk about the more common areas such as the kitchen, boiler room and the living room.

In the Kitchen, this is the place where the gas cooker and the gas hob live but also the boiler in most homes. If you have a gas leak or a fault on the gas hob then the objective is to make safe because the likelihood is the either a new cooker of gas hob is required or a part will need to be ordered so the best thing is to cap and make safe but this must be done by an emergency gas safe engineers.

The gas hob gas be a dangerous place if you have skoke coming from it or the gas is coming through yellow, the living room fire is a simlar siutation on carbone monoxide coming back into the room where a carbon monoxide test is very important. If your feeling tired, dizzy or getting headaches relating to your living room gas fire then it is very important consulting your doctor and it is very important to contact a gas safe engineer.

If you have a gas boiler emergency, gas boilers can also have dangerous issues and it is very important to make sure you gas emergency is dealt with by a competant gas safe engineer, always make sure your gas engineer carries a gas safe card and if you have any worries concerning his work then contact gas safe directly or at least get a second opinion from another gas safe engineer.

The general purpose of calling an emergency gas engineer out on a call out is to make safe of the gas emergency and where can repair this gas emergency but unless if is feasible and reasonable to do so.

When and if you have a gas emergency, it is worth noting that an estimated 60% of gas emergencies are fixed on site and the target to a gas emergency isn't to come out and fix, it is to make safe due to the seriousness and the danger of gas so therefore, there should be more patience when it comes to all gas emergencies.

It is estimated that 90% of emergency gas engineers can do a plumbing emergency, so if you find that the issue is no longer gas related, not all emergency gas engineer work on plumbing but we can supply you with a 24 hour emergency plumber.

What should a consumer expect on a gas emergency

The first thing a client will experience with a gas emergency in many case are likely to be a gas smell, boiler, cooker or gas fire not turning on, maybe there not fire but in this case were going to talk about the smell of gas as more relavent to this article and more important.

When clients smell gas, there can be a confusion and hopefully the gas leak isnt as bad as you think but most importantly is to turn the gas meter off from an upward possition and follow the instructions as shown on the sticker by turning the handle 90 degrees to the off position.

The next thing to do is open all doors leading to the outside and possibly the windows, make sure any power in your home is off and if you could turn your electric meter off then even better. Do not use anything that can ignite and call an emergency gas engineer from outside the property.

We find that many clients will call from inside the property and if were honest, we have never noted any issues but it is most important to follow good practice.

You are left with two options, either calling antional grid or an emergency gas engineer and if I was you, you would be better calling national grid first just incase on a gas emergency the gas engineer is delayed as national grid have a more resposibily to making sure the occupant is safe than relying on the emergency gas engineer turning up as the gas engineer once arrived, is then responsible for the work he starts on.

You may want to call the national grid first to make sure your safe and then contact the gas engineer for the gas emergency and maybe the gas engineer gets to you first but at least you took all necessary precautions to making sure your safe.

If the national grid turn up then the likelihood they will do is put a cap on your gas engineer, make safe and then advice for a gas engineer to visit. Once the emergency gas engineer turns up, the engineer will most likely start checking all the appliance and do a gas check but first make sure the emergency gas engineer carries a gas safe card.

If the gas check is confirmed as safe, then the gas engineer will either let you start using your gas appliance, leave capped, disconnect one or more of your gas appliance but the main thing is to make sure you are safe and if so order parts to come back in a more reasonable time.

The top 5 most likely reasons for a gas emergency call out

1. Gas boiler not working.

2. Nail through the gas pipe.

3. Drilled into the gas pipe.

4. Gas leak in my home.

5. Gas boiler, cooker or fire wont turn off.

Here is a list of the last 10 gas emergency jobs we have taken

1. Gas Boiler wont turn off.

2. Drilled through the gas pipe.

3. Boiler not firing up.

4. Combi boiler not igniting.

5. No gas to the gas hob.

6. Gas fire wont turn off.

7. Boiler not working and getting an error code.

8. No central heatin gor hot water.

9. Gas boiler wont turn on.

10. Bird stuck behind gas fire

Can I get any gas engineer no matter the gas emergency

If your wondering if you can get any gas engineer no matter the gas emergency then the answer is no.

If you have a gas leak at the gas meter or coming upstream of the gas meter or in layman's terms, between the gas meter and the road, a domestic gas engineer who only works on the upstream of the gas meter cant do the work.

If you have a gas leak between the gas meter and the road, you will need to call national grid.

Advice on gas emergency

The best advice we can give you when it comes to gas emergencies from the last 10 gas jobs we have taken is to make sure your installation is well maintained and taken note of.

Make sure you have your anual check done and you receive a gas safe certificate. Make sure your boiler and other gas appliances are regularly serviced.

If you need to contact national grid then you can do so by calling 0800 111 999, make sure your pets are kept away from any engineer entering your home and not left in areas where the engineers are more than likely going to visit.

As we are a national company and you require a gas safe engineer, then you can give us a call on 07720 247 247 and one of the staff will answer so that we can organise an emergency gas engineer to attend your gas emergency or you could visit the gas safe register, put in your post code, maybe use the advanced setting and find a local gas safe engineer saving us searching onwe for you.

I (Martin Smith) hope I've been informative enough to anyone that has read this article and hope you share it with your friends.