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Emergency Gas Engineer 24/7

Need an emergency gas engineer 24 hours 7 days a week, require a specialist

Martin Smith, the director of EPHG, can swiftly arrange for a 24-hour emergency gas engineer, who is Gas Safe registered, to assist you immediately or within a reasonable timeframe. In addition to emergency gas services, our team includes fully qualified emergency plumbers, electricians, and heating engineers. Before deciding to book our services, we encourage you to get to know the director of the company by watching our video, or feel free to give us a call at 07720247247 for more information.

24 Hour Emergency Gas Engineer

About our 24 hour gas engineer

Wondering about the types of jobs our 24-hour gas engineers handle? Please note that we specialize in emergency situations, ranging from dealing with gas leaks to fixing broken-down boilers. Whatever your need for a 24-hour emergency gas engineer might be, give us a call and we won't let you down.

When you encounter a gas fault and need a 24-hour emergency gas engineer, our primary goal is to address the gas leak or boiler breakdown, ensuring the boiler is either made safe or brought back into operation. However, please be aware that immediate repair may not always be possible. In such cases, our main objective is to ensure your safety first, followed by providing further advice on the necessary steps.

We do many services such an emergency electrician, emergency plumber, emergency heating engineer and emergency gas engineer which include a boiler repair service for the whole of the uk.

24 Hour gas engineer

As specialists in 24-hour gas engineer services, we are available to assist you at any time, whether it's 02:00 in the early hours of the morning or 14:00 in the middle of the day. Our commitment is to provide service whenever you need it. However, please be aware that our rates vary depending on the time of day, reflecting our around-the-clock availability as Gas Safe registered 24-hour gas engineers.

Midnight Gas Engineer

The response time for a midnight gas engineer or Gas Safe plumber may differ from daytime service, as we have fewer engineers on call at night. However, we assure you that we can dispatch a 24-hour midnight gas engineer to your location within 2 hours, although our goal is always to achieve a 30-minute response time.

Emergency Gas Engineer

An emergency gas engineer typically refers to a 24-hour gas engineer, but the key distinction lies in the response time. In an emergency situation, it means that we commit to responding immediately and within a reasonable timeframe, given the urgent nature of the problem.

Please be aware that when you call for a 24-hour emergency gas engineer, as a large company, we require a deposit each time we dispatch a gas engineer, regardless of the time—be it in the middle of the day or at midnight. This deposit must be paid before we complete the booking and arrange for the gas engineer to be dispatched.

Please note, when using our emergency gas service, although we are a large company, the gas engineer dispatched to you may not always be local. However, in most cases, they are, as we also have a network of out-of-area gas engineers. Our priority is to ensure a 24-hour emergency gas engineer reaches you as quickly as possible and within a reasonable timeframe.

Gas Engineer vs Plumber

If you require a 24-hour plumber for a gas-related situation, it's essential that the emergency plumber is Gas Safe registered, not just a standard plumbing engineer, due to strict legal requirements. When calling for a 24-hour emergency plumber, it's always best to make them aware of the gas-related nature of the issue. A gas engineer who is also a Gas Safe plumber should always carry a Gas Safe card. If they don't, their details can usually be found on the Gas Safe register.

Electrician gas engineer

Are you in need of a gas engineer electrician, or are you seeking both a gas engineer and an electrician separately? Often, issues that seem to require an emergency engineer and an electrician arise from boiler faults. Initially, it may appear as a boiler or gas-related issue, but upon diagnosis, it could turn out to be an electrical problem originating from the switch spur to the consumer board. Please note that the gas engineer we dispatch is most likely not a qualified electrician. Therefore, if the issue is electrical, a separate electrical engineer may need to be sent out.

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