EPHG Terms And Conditions

Welcome to EPHG Limited terms and conditions

Welcome to our terms pages, the page that you agree to the following and please note that our terms are in order of the most important links to the least important links, however, all our terms are regarded as important.

The most important terms written up by our lawyer are our terms by clauses which you can find by clicking here.

It's important that before using our services, you fully understand our rates on the Description Price Plan Page.

Once you've paid the deposit for the call out fee, the service for the call out fee starts immediately and generally takes up to 10 minutes to complete the service, however, in some circumstances, this can take much longer.

Upon taking the booking and the service starting immediately, you should receive a text/email with a link linking you to the confirmation and booking page which acts as your confirmation and receipt, once the service has been completed from EPHG where we've organised the contractor, you will then receive another text/email confirmation the name of the contractor, their phone number, the job address and confirmation of the job details we've taken including the ETA agreed.

Please note: The service we provide being of an urgent repairs or maintennace under the 'Consumer Contracts Regulations' and 'services', there are exemptions to your rights which can be found online. The exemptions are; due to our service being used up immediately and of an urgent nature and in most cases within 10 minutes, the deposit covers the immediate action and your deposit is non returnable unless agreed for in good will.

Your mobile number or your email address that we store will form part of our privacy policy with further information by clicking on our privacy policy statement here.

Please note, our terms do not overight your rights from the consumer protection 2013 No: 3134 and for an easier understanding of your rights can be found on the citizens advice website and Which.

Our terms are very fair which we include a resolution centre that you can use by sending us an email to martin@ephg.limited.

Terms of EPHG Limited

Services provided by EPHG Limited

Here is a list of all useful information regarding the service that is provide which you can click on

When using the services of EPHG Limited you agree to all the terms pages and links from the terms page and you understand what the EPHG Limited is all about.

The most important terms in the contract agreed by the client is the terms by clauses.

All contractors sent out in an emergency are generally within 2 hours unless mentioned otherwise in writing.

On arrival, the time of labour meaning physical work starts from the time of available parking closest to the property either where keys are picked up or the property of where the work is to be taking place, depending on which one comes first.

All contractor are competent according to there status and there status being of what the contractor has registered as or any competent website they are on or there advertisment.

Cancellations, Return and Refund Policy

The service provided starts from the time of payment made and the point the deposit is taken.

The deposit is non returnable and is taken immediately when taking details over the phone.

A cancellation can be made and you will lose your deposit as the service will already of been used from the moment your booking is made.

To cancel, you will have to either send an email to cancel@ephg.limited or reply to a text if we have sent you a text to your mobile. To know that the text comes from a member of staff employed by EPHG Limited, the text will have a link in the text going directly to the EPHG Limited website.

The only time that a refund can be returns is either of good will or we can not provide you with a service as we do not guarantee a service.


All deposits MUST be made before a contractor is sent out unless an agreement has been made otherwise according to our delivery policy clause (4) of terms by clauses.

All rates are given on the description plus price plan.

After paying the deposit, any further payments are paid directly to the contractor.

Additional work

If you're the client requiring additional work after the authorised first hours labour, it is VERY important you understand (clause 16) laid out in the terms by clauses.