EPHG Terms And Conditions

Welcome to EPHG Limited terms and conditions

Just below are the terms that SHOULD be read before using our service (Link in blue is clickable to further pages).

Before using our service you automatically agree to our aftercare terms & terms by clauses 1 to 21.

Once the deposit is paid and your booking is complete, you may be sent an email or a text which depends on if you've made the booking via the website or over the phone.

If a booking is made over the phone, we require your mobile number or an email address to send terms to and the terms may be tailored depending on the type of contractor required.

Basic terms by EPHG Limited for Emergency & Non Emergency Terms

Services provided by EPHG Limited

When using the services of EPHG Limited you agree to all the terms pages and links from the terms page where deemed reasonable and tailored for the type of service EPHG Limited provides and you understand what the EPHG Limited is all about.

The most important terms in the contract agreed by the client is the terms by clauses.

All engineers sent out in an emergency are within a reasonable time frame depending on location and availability of the engineer, in most cases within 2 hours unless mentioned otherwise.

On arrival, the time of labour meaning physical work starts from the time of available parking closest to the property either where keys are picked up or the property of where the work is to be taking place, depending on which one comes first.

The contractor sent out to the job address will be competant to work on the job details given as per the registration and the engineers terms.

Cancellations, Return and Refund Policy

All deposits are non refundable unless cancelled within a reasonable amount of time for example 5 minutes of payment being made, if cancellation is made within 10 minutes then a refund of 50% is acceptable.

Any cancellations after the 10 minutes is non refundable unless deemed reasonable. All cancellations MUST be made by email to cancel@ephg.ltd or by replying to terms by text if sent by mobile, please read cancellation policy in clause (6) of the terms by clauses.


All deposits MUST be made before an contractor is sent out unless an agreement has been made otherwise according to our delivery policy clause (5) of terms by clauses.

All rates are given on the description plus price plan.

After paying the deposit, any further payments are paid directly to the contractor.

Additional work

If you the client require additional work after the authorised first hours labour, it is VERY important you understand (clause 16) laid out in the terms by clauses.