Aftercare Terms By EPHGs

Aftercare Terms By EPHG Limited

Welcome to EPHG Limited aftercare terms which we advise you should read (Link in blue is clickable to further pages).

After the point the contractor has been sent out to the client, the client would of accepted the terms laid out by EPHG Limited and is fully aware of the terms by clauses 1 to 21 and as part or the aftercare terms, you should read part 1 to part 10.

Part 1. Services provided.

At this point the person/client of whom agreed SHOULD be fully aware of our basic terms and conditions.

The aftercare will be made of FAQ's (common questions that are asked) and explained in the best details we can.

Part 2. Who are these terms for?

These terms laid of by EPHG Limited are for the client, the person representing the client, the contractor or employees of EPHG Limited to refer the terms if any issue were to arise in any cases.

Part 3. How have I accepted the terms laid out by EPHG Limited?

When using the services of EPHG Limited you automatically agree to the terms and conditions regardless if you've chosen to ignore them or not.

The reason you automatically agree to terms laid out by EPHG Limited is due to the route of where you got our contact details. On each and every advert, there will be a reference to our terms meaning we give the client every chance to read them. If you chose to ignor the terms then the client users EPHG Limited at there own risk.

The evidence of the client using our service is due to the booking made.

It is not the responsibility of EPHG Limited or staff to explain the full terms and conditions apart from the service we give and that is organising a contractor to come out in an emergency or non emergency.

With most of our clients, we always try to expose the terms as much as possible in the way of a link at the bottom of the website or a text.

If there is no mobile number then we try to send an email but where there is no email or mobile can be obtained, the terms are still agreed upon booking due to the source of where the client has obtained our details.

If the client has obtained the contact details of EPHG Limited from a third party being a freind or a person, then we advice you take this up with them for where they got our contact details from.

Part 4. Who do I make a complaint to?

All contractors attending the property are responsible for there own work so we advice you verbally take this up directly with them, however in the event that there is no resolution, EPHG Limited will advice the client or the person authorised to send the complaint to as per the terms in clause 8 terms by clauses.

If the complaint is about our company EPHG Limited, then the complaint MUST be sent directly to as per the terms in clause 8 terms by clauses.

If your not happy with the way EPHG Limited has dealt with the complaint, we advise you to speak to either trading standards, citizens advice or a solicitor/lawyer regarding your issue.

Part 5. Is the contractor employed by EPHG Limited?

As explained in the about us page, the contractor is not an employee of EPHG limited unless the contractor turns out to be Martin Smith as explained in clause 10 of the terms by clauses.

Part 6. Will I get a refund?

As explained in the basic terms before booking, all refunds are non refundable unless it is reasonable to do so otherwise. EPHG refund policy is where EPHG only refund if EPHG receive a complaint providing the refund is justified due to the service provided but this may only be as a good will gesture depending on the outcome.

EPHG also refund the deposit in full if a cancellation was requested within 5 minutes of the payment being made or 50% refund if cancellation was to be made within 10 minutes, however you MUST make a cancellation by replying to a text that EPHG Limited has sent you or if you've not received a text then you can do so by sending an email to

If you have contacted us within 5 minutes to cancel and you cancel by text, we will give you a further 2 minutes to cancel by text or a further 5 minutes by email.

For further information on our cancellation policy, please visit clause 6 in the terms by clauses.

We also have a page dedicated to cancellations at what happens when I cancel an emergency call out service.

Part 7. Is there a guarantee with the work from either EPHG Limited or the contractor?

All work is the responsibility of the contractor attending the emergency or non emergency. Any work regarded as temporary is not guaranteed. Any completed work as permenant is guaranteed by law of a minimum of 12 months unless it is reasonable and fairplay that it cant due to warrantee trading standards.

There is no guarantee that an engineer can complete the the job on first visit as parts may be required to be ordered but what the contractor will do is to make sure any issues is left safe unless unable to and is deemed reasonable in clause 13 in the terms by clauses.

It is then up to the client or the contractor to call EPHG Limited and arrange a booking through EPHG Limited for further work by sending an email to or calling. Please note we recomend you recording any further bookings just incase of any further complaint or at least get it in writing of whom you the client or person is contracting directly as stated in clause 16 of the terms by clauses.

Part 8. What is the privacy policy of EPHG Limited?

The privacy policy is very strict at EPHG Limited and the only details given out are to engineers that have agreed to visit the property and our aftercare team which is outsourced to: Concept Building Solutions UK Limited.

Please note that EPHG Limited is PCI DSS certified, this means that we follow all rules and regulations given by the PCI DSS sheme, this means that when you pass your card details over to EPHG Limited employees, you do so knowing that your details are safe with our staff and company that are only given to the person you are speaking to over the phone making the booking and not shared with anyone else.

We DO NOT keep any payment details such as card number, sort code and security code and payments are taken securely most likely through Worldpay and sometimes PayPal.

The only details that are passed on may be the billing address, job address, email address, contact numbers, names of persons, description of job, payment amount and email address including time of booking.

Part 9. What terms do the contractor agree to when they register with EPHG Limited?

When the contractor registers with EPHG Limited, they are advised within the content to read the terms and conditions but in some occasions just like the person that pays the deposit they either forget to read the terms, they have forgotten the terms, however they are still held by the terms and conditions that both protect the person of whom made the agreement and the contractor in question doing the work.

The contractor will first be given the chance to read the contractor terms and conditions but within those terms and conditions it will advise them to acknowledge the terms laid out to the person who is paying the bill and whom also paid the deposit being the client or the person authorised under the client.

Part 10. Can I write a review?

Yes the person of whom paid the deposit can write a positive or negative review about EPHG Limited providing you are the person of whom paid and you are a client of EPHG Limited, however you are responsable for the review your write but before you do so, it is important you understand the defamation act 2013 in accordance with the law as you can be deemed liable for damage caused.

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