Confirmation Of Booking And Direction

Welcome to our confirmation of booking and direction page

We thank you for making a booking for urgent repairs/maintenance and agreeing to our terms.

As a reminder, the call-out service fee is paid as a deposit during the booking and is a seperate cost to the labour fees that is paid directly to the assigned engineer 'the contractor'.

The work for the call-out fee starts immediately once the receipt is sent to you and we get a response.

Once the work is started for the call-out fee in organising the engineer, the call-out fee becomes non refundable.

The labour costs that is paid directly to the contractor, as mentioned in the price plan, is agreed between the consumer and EPHG 'the business', and becomes a minimum of 1 hours labour upon the arrival of the contractor assigned by EPHG.

Labour plus material costs are to be paid at the end of the first visit and where this can not be done, labour costs should be paid within 14-days upon receipt of the invoice from the contractor.

Where payment can not be made using an agreed method of payment, all payments to the contractor must be made by bank transfer, using the bank details on the invoice sent to you by the contractor.

If you're visiting this page from the text or email receipt you've received, it is likely you've made a booking, however, if you're visiting this page from the home page, then it may be that you would like to know what you've agreed to, or what you could be agreeing to, and hopefully we will include as much information as possible.

To get a better understanding of your booking, we've written a map of links below, which goes in coordination with our terms. Please click on the below links that best relates to what you require or what you may have concerns about.

Please choose what relates to what you're searching for

Making A Cancellation

My Booking

EPHG Complaints

Please note: It is important that you give us feedback for the contractor we've sent you by replying to our second text we send you, as it builds up a character reference towards the engineer which we store in a file.

Further important information regarding your booking

The most important part of your booking is via the links, however, we have other important information below and may only help you out in query or complaint.

When you contacted our company, you did so using one of our advertising avenues either being from the book Yellow Pages, or Google search which all land on to our website and within the website links at the bottom of the page and within the first 3 paragraphs of the home page, we have a link to our terms.

If you get our number from Yellow Pages or, the description mentioned to read our terms before agreeing to our service or by using our service, you agree to our terms.

If you get our number from our website via Google search or any other method that enters our website, we have terms on our home page at the top and terms on every page at the bottom and all being legally compliant.

When making contact with us, all our clients should know about our terms because the terms are mentioned in all our avenues of advertising and in accordance with the consumer rights act 2013 No.3134 Part 2, Chapter 1.

If you get our number from a third party that we haven’t given permission too, unfortunately we don’t cover this practise as it’s not within our reach, however, you can do so at your own risk and trust our company in the light that we don’t do anything wrong.

When making a phone call, we don’t record our calls for legal reasons because we take card details on the same call as you’re contacting us on following the regulations and we can’t record the call unless we ask for your permission first and we are only doing this for training purposes.

The first thing we do is remind you of part of our terms that are most relevant to your query by verbally explaining the rates as clear as we can and in some circumstances, you may not hear us correctly due to phone distortion, which is the reason we include our price plan in the terms of the website to give you the chance to acknowledge them before calling us up.

When we take the booking, we will explain the costs, we will ask you for a mobile number, an email, first and last name of the booking, the job and billing address, the job description and explain the type of engineer we will try to send over or similar wording to that effect.

We will then remind you as explained in the terms that we will take a deposit being the call-out fee only which is taken immediately and processes within about 0 to 15 minutes on our payment gateway.

As explained in the terms of our website and if asked over the phone, you should be fully aware that the call-out fee is non refundable as explained in the limitations act of the consumer rights act 2013. The only way a refund can be authorise is if we’re unable to complete our task of organising the contractor subject to other legal terms or we do so in goodwill.

Once the call-out has been booked, we then send you a receipt which acts as your confirmation which completes the booking of the service at to which point the fee is non refundable. The next job that is part of the call-out fee is to organise the contractor and get him/her on route to you and once this has been completed, you should receive further confirmation which completes the task of the call-out fee and the only part left is to fill in the invoice and other account information but also offer further assistance to the client if required further along.

Updated 16/SEP/2020: The receipt/confirmation is now sent with no more than 160 charactors to reduce the amount of text messages not being received by our client which could be due to a technical fault by the phone providers and following this update, on the 15/Oct/2020 due to further expereince of not receiving text messages from our client, we then moved all SMS text messages to no more than 160 charactors, so hopefully you should appreciated if we dont receive your text messages if the text message is below 160 charactors.

Any invoices requested must/should be done through the contact page by contacting the GDPR officer Martin Smith.

As explained in the terms, all contractors are instructed to visit your property within 2 hours and the two hours start when you receive confirmation of the booking as because, this is when we start work in organising the contractor and the booking can only legally start from the point we send you confirmation.

If you have any complaints at all regarding the contractor, we always ask if you can resolve this with the contractor and when you can’t, you should send us an email to and let us try to assist you in trying to resolve the complaint.

When making a complaint, you’re best sending an email to the complaint officer by including as much information as possible such as the day you booked our services and an approximate time and day you made the booking followed by the booking name and the job postcode and transaction ID. If we don’t have your email on our system, we may have to go through a verification process following GDPR.

Please note that the service we give, we try to be the best and most transparent in giving the best service possible. We have plenty more information via the links on this page for you to read.

Please note that our company are GDPR compliant and follow all legal procedures knowing that you’re in the comfort that your details are protected at all times.

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