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Welcome to our terms and conditions by text

Thank you for paying your deposit over the phone and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. At this point we advice you revise the aftercare terms, terms by clauses and all other terms laid out by EPHG Limited.

How have I managed to agree to the terms by phone without acknowledging the terms?

You have agreed to the terms as it is your responsibily to read them before booking. Our terms and discription is mentioned on all our advertising and by using our service, you are fully aware of our advertising.

How do I cancel?

To cancel your emergency please email us at cancel@ephg.ltd or reply to the text where the terms by text were sent from. If you are sending us an email, you must also contact us to let us know by calling 07720247247 or 08009705724 as we wont see the email immediately.

We have more information about your non-refundable deposit by clicking refunds here.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is taken covers the call out fee which is a service given by EPHG Limited.

The service given by EPHG Limited starts immediately upon payment details taken over the phone or paid for via the website.

The service starts from the time of payment where we immediately start work on organising the contractor and the contractor is then on route.

The deposit also acknowledges that you would like to use our service and you agree to the terms laid out by EPHG Limited.

If you make a cancellation after you have made a booking to use our service, you will lose your deposit which is the call out fee, however you do not requre to pay the minimum cost of 1 hours labour unless the contractor has already arrived.

What are the chances of getting the problem fixed?

The chances of getting a permenant job done are between 60 to 85% depending on the type of job the engineer is attending. Special parts may be required meaning we can at least do a diagnostic or at least make safe.

Please remind me of the rates

The text you received will explain what you have paid as your deposit and the rates you pay directly to the contractor at the end of the first job that does not include your deposit which covers the call out fee.

  • Deposits covers the call out fee/booking costs which start immediately which forms a part of the service and does not include the first hours labour thats starts from time of arrival or materials.
  • For a full breakdown of the costs, please visit the price plan by clicking here.

I've not accepted any terms and conditions?

If you believe you've not accepted any terms and conditions, then please read further. If you've not accepted any terms and conditions, it is up to the caller to explain where you have got our number from as every term and conditions stand by law as long as they are provided with every avenue in their advertising stating to visit the terms and are interlinked with the website of where the terms and conditions are held.

A common issue is when a customer says EPHG Limited have not explained the terms over the phone. Please note that it is not up to the company to explain the terms over the phone as it is up to the person of whom paid to acknowledge the terms laid out by EPHG Limited, however we do our best to be reasonable and explain the rates. Unfortunately we can not guarantee the quality of a phone call due to many unknown occurences and one being a bad phone line.

Another complaint we may get as a national company is that we took advantage of the call being an emergency and the customer panicking into paying the costs. Again we can only do our best in any situation but what we can not do is give a service with no cost as this is not economical to the company.

Please note that we are a national company and a very reputable company at that and we always strive to be the best. If you are not happy in any way, please give Martin Smith the director a call and have a chat with him on 07730 247 247 and if for any reason Martin is uncontactable then send an email to martin@ephg.limited or feel free to speak to one of the staff.

We als have a page dedicated to what happens when I cancel an emergency call out service which is due to common questions we are asked as a national company.

Please feel free to visit the aftercare terms and the terms by clauses to further assist you after you having used our service.

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