My Complaint about EPHG or the Contractor

Understanding about making a complaint against EPHG or The contractor or both

Welcome to our complaints page where we will explain everything you should know from making a complaint to your complaint being successful.

First of all, we are either sorry you feel you’ve had to get to this point or maybe you're interest in our complaint procedure before using us, however, at this stage we understand that the complaint may not be as bad as it seems but it could be bad or even worse.

Our job is to help you try and get the complaint resolved with he best resolution centre that we’re able to offer you.

If the complaint is about a contractor, we first ask you to try and resolve the issue directly with the contractor and if this doesn’t seem to be possible, then your entitlements would be to contact the GDPR office using the email address but before you do this, we do strongly advice you to continue reading this page for a better understanding.

If the complaint is urgent, then you’re best contacting 07720247247 to make them aware of the complaint and send your complaint to, please note, we can’t guarantee getting back to you immediately, so your best trying to do everything in your power such as sending a text to the contractor, respond to the text where you got the terms and send a text directly to the complaint officer on 07730247247 but DO NOT SEND A TEXT TO 07720247247 as this phone is permanently on divert.

If the complaint is non urgent, then send the complaint to and introduce who you are and include the name given on the booking when the booking was first made.

Other information you will need to give when making a complaint is the date of the booking and approximately the time when the booking was made plus your phone number and a number of where you received the confirmation text just after making the booking.

When making a complaint, you’re also best including the address and postcode, the transaction ID.

To make a complaint, you will have to be the buyer or your can get permission from the buyer to make the complaint on there behalf which we need in writing directly from the buyer as part of GDPR.

When making a complaint, the email has to come from the email address we have on the system and if we don’t have your email address, you will need to send a text message from the phone number we have on the system from you which would include the email address you will be making the complaint from.

When you make your first complaint, the complaint is likely to be just between the GDPR officer, our staff and our client and to share the complaint with the contractor, we will need your consent/permission to either share your complaint and maybe also CC you in, so this would mean that to speed up your complaint, it may be a good idea to already give this consent in your first email.

To understand if your complaint is successful or not, we act within the principles of the law and go of evidence only that could be gained via questioning both our client and the contractor leading to a conclusion.

Every complaint could be different and becomes a case on case scenario where no complaint could be the same.

Our job is to help both the contractor and our client where we have to be both impartial and neutral to any complaint making sure the complaint becomes fair and not biased.

The best way to make a complaint would be to follow give your honest opinion followed by a general opinion but highlight what is honest and then give a general opinion by explaining what’s you thoughts are, that way, it makes it easier for a complaint to be dealt with sensibly.

What not to do when making a complaint is to make a threat of any kind that is a method to try and give more weight towards you in helping you win the complaint as this could end up in blackmail, extortion and go against you if the threats were to be carried out.

If a threat is ever made that has been made unfairly, this could jeopardise the complaint you are making so I strongly suggest you don’t take this avenue.

Here is a reminder to your confirmation page from your confirmation text and a link to the complaints page if you feel you would like to make a complaint

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