Cancellation Of EPHG Booking

Welcome to our cancellation page where we explain everything about your cancellation

If you’ve made a booking with EPHG and would like to cancel, you understand due to the cancellation policy that you will loose your deposit as the deposit is non refundable as explained in the terms by clauses clause 3.2 knowing that the deposit is paid before the booking and is non-refundable subject to provision clause 6.2 that only a non emergency call-out can be cancelled and as our service is under ‘urgent repairs and maintenance’ only unless mentioned otherwise, you understand under the consumer protection 2013 No.3134 Part 3 Right to cancel clause 28 Limits of application: circumstances excluding cancellation (e) contracts where the consumer has specifically requested a visit from the trader for the purpose of carrying out urgent repairs and maintenance.


To cancel the emergency call, you will need to contact us on 07720247247 and speak to a member of staff who will send you a cancellation text to your mobile as part of the cancellation process.

What Happens if nobody answers the phone

If nobody answers, that’s probably because we’re most likely going to be busy on another phone call as we have staff on the phones 24 hours 7 days a week. You can either try calling back again or try an alternative method but you would have to be seen trying to call us first so please keep a record of your phone log.

The next step in trying to get in touch would be to reply to the text message you’ve received and send an email to because then, it shows that you’ve done everything you can to make the cancellation knowing that the staff member who sent you a text could be off shift and at least you’ve made the head of the company aware of your cancellation so that we can try to update the current staff on shift.

If you’ve done the above and you’ve received a text with the engineer on route, you could also send a text message to the engineer on route to try and make sure the contractor doesn’t turn up.

Will I be entitled to any type of refund?

The answer to this is most likely not unless you have legal grounds to show that you have an entitlement such as we took the job and we’re unable to fulfil our contract obligations for example, the contractor doesn’t carry the appropriate tools or materials as listed on our website or the contractor is unable to get to the property within the agreed time.

As you’re aware of your legal obligations above, below we explain the principle and why the law is on our side for your better understanding.

The duty of the staff who take the calls is to take the booking and organise the contractor to make a visit and as part of the booking, the staff members may be on commission to each job they complete otherwise the staff don’t get paid and if a full refund was to be made, the company would then be at a loss as the company have no choice but to pay the staff what they’re entitled too.

The contractor on route would also be entitled to an inconvenience fee as mentioned in the agreement between EPHG and the contractor for accepting the call out as the contractor could also be at a loss being either they’ve cancelled another job to attend, there own time being used up or other personally reasons that could be costly to them.

Regarding the advertisements for the company, every job we take on comes at a cost due to advertisements which we estimate to be about £30 and could be up or down depending on the economy at that time.

Taking all of the above moral statements, this would give you a better guide to why each call-out fee could be costly to our company being that the cost to each job coming in could be anything in between 70% of the company turn over and in some circumstances, a cancellation could be more costly that the deposit that is taken.

Here is a reminder to your confirmation page from your confirmation text and a link to the complaints page if you feel you would like to make a complaint

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