Contractors Terms

Welcome to Contractors terms laid out by EPHG Limited

Before registering as a contractor on our site and downloading any of our apps, it is very important you understand the process and the terms laid out by EPHG Limited which will help protect the client and the contractor from any complaints.

Please note that any links below the contractor terms will link to the relevant page required to accept.

Contractors Terms & Conditions

When registering you will agree that you fully understand the terms page laid out to the client by EPHG Limited at the bottom of this website. These are the terms before booking an emergency to support the client and the contractor attending the job.

The contractor also understands the full terms by clauses 1 to 21 and also the terms aftercare laid out by EPHG Limited. EPHG Limited also include tailored terms which are stated within the aftercare terms.

The contractor fully understands the rates paid directly to the contractor at the end of the first job being the first hours labour plus material, if the contractor was to do any further work past the hour or the next day or there after, further authorisation is required directly from the client or the person acting on behalf of the client.

All contractor MUST accept bank tranfer or where the first choice from the client may be either cash or cheque or paypal or card. If the contractor does not have a card machine or a method to pay by card or PayPal, then the contractor MUST except either a cheque or bank transfer. The contractor can not demand cash as the only method unless the client is happy to pay by cash but the contractor MUST give the client a receipt in evidence of payment taken place.

All payment to the contractor is paid by the client of whom EPHG Limited is representing within the terms. The contractor also agrees to attend the property within the time as shown in the text sent over to the contractor and if the contractor is not able to attend or agree to the terms then the contractor must immediately reply back or risk being taken off the register of EPHG Limited. (All contractors will verbally accept the job before agreeing to attend).

The contractor will agree not to ask for payment until the end of the first emergency, but also make the client aware of any parts being used as part of the emergency.

The contractor does not require to get authorisation for the first £50 worth of materials required, however if the materials is greater than £50 then authorisation is required of the client.

Engineers must charge from the time of arrival and not travelling time, travelling for parts and charging labour cost is not acceptable, however a charge of 25% can be added to the cost of the part.

The engineer also understands that if they do any further work for the client they must first notify us by text and then pay EPHG Limited a commission of 10% which helps pay EPHG Limited to give the engineer further assistance if and when required.

Failure to notify us may incure EPHG Limited to send a bill or take the engineer in question off the system.

Once the engineer is to agree to the emergency but does not receive the text then the engineer must call us back to explain that no text has been received rather than let the client down as this can be due to text errors and not that the client no longer requires the service from a contractor contracted by EPHG Limited.

We also advise the contractor to get as much information in writing to support any future cases arising for example if the client decides to cancel EPHG Limited also requires evidence.

If a client was to cancel well the contractor was on route keeping any evidence of any cancellation, the company may authorise an inconvenince upon discretion (please refer to terms) which the total amount of an inconvenince fee is £30 including any VAT if applicabble.

Further work past the contracted hour

If the contractor in question is to do further work outside there contracted agreement with EPHG Limited, they must do so by sending EPHG Limited a text or a email to or by sending a text to a member of staff who sent the job details in the first place of the job booking.

As per the contract with EPHG Limited, any further work has to be logged in order to assist the client and the contractor to pay further work contract fees at 10% of the labour.

The 10% of the labour costs go towards paying staff of EPHG Limited and assisting clients if any complaint were to arrise due to the agreed work carried out or at least letting the client acknowledge that any further work will not be under the contract of EPHG Limtied and the client organises the further work at there own risk.

What are the contractors obligations to the client in regards to the gaurantee or any ongoing work?

The contractor will understand the clients general terms within the EPHG Limited website and the clients general law in legislation.

A contractor agrees to leave a minimum 12 months gaurantee on the invoice unless mentioned otherwise and must explain why a standard gaurantee can not be given.

The client has already been made aware in the terms supplied by EPHG that it is estimated that 30 percent of booking result in further work being required and that the engineers responsible to complete the work given as long as the client agrees to this and the contractor has to be seen to offer this.

How has the client accepted the terms of EPHG Limited

As explained in the link to the terms, all terms are within all advertising linked to EPHG Limited. The client may of excepted the terms by making booking via the website and automatically accept this even if they dont read them as it is the clients responsibilty to read them before the client uses our service.

If the client in question questions the terms, then it is adviced that the contractor explains how the clients have excepted the terms but as an added extra we also send a text reminder as follows.

TEXT TO CLIENT AFTER EACH BOOKING: Thank you for requesting an engineer (engineer may not be the word used as this could be plumber, electrician or so on) and paying your deposit of £? (The cost £? could be veriable depending on the booking) which covers the call out fee only. The first hours labour costs are £? minimum of 1 hour hour (depending of the price plan as stated in the terms) and paid directly to the engineer on route who is ? (question mark is filled in with the engineer attending) on 07????????? (Engineers contact number). For further terms click here that includes how to cancel. Please keep any pets away from engineers.