Advanced Emergency Plumbing Tools

Welcome to advanced emergency plumbing tools part 2 by Martin Smith of EPHG Ltd, just below is a video of the advanced emergency plumbing tools, if you like this video you may also like the general Emergency Plumbing Tools and Emergency Plumbing Materials list and video.

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About Advanced Emergency Plumbing Tools

In part 1 of the emergency plumbing tools we explained a list of tools required and included a video, just below is more about the advanced emergency plumbing tools

Advanced emergency plumbing tools list

Just below is the advanced emergency plumbing tools list that many of us plumbers would like to carry.

    Advanced Emergency Plumbing Tools

  • Head torch by AP Pro Series.
  • Shirt touch by Arctic.
  • Extendable mirror by Ullman HTE-2LT.
  • Wire strippers/slices by Knipex code number 16 64 125.
  • Dremel 4000 for plumbers including blades.
  • Water pressure cup and pressure gages tripple kit 40.221A.
  • Wetvac and general hoover by Dewalt.
  • Smallest steps - Hailo Step-fix 4400-10.
  • Easy taps splitter.
  • Tap repair kit - Scottool Tradesman tap reseating tool.
  • pipe leak stopper by Leak Mate.
  • Pipe Bungs For Outlet Pipes

  • Rachet set screw driver setby Wera.
  • CCTV for plumbers by Ring Automotive.
  • Bleedkey with bottle.
  • Radiator filling cup by Easyfill.
  • radiator rachet key rachet - Chrome Vanadium Rothenberger.
  • 10mm pipe straightening tool by Kwix UK.
  • Pipe measuring toolby Halfords.
  • Pipe squeezing tool also known as the squeeze off tool and sold by Toolstation.
  • Damp measuring tool by Testo code 606-2.

In the list above we have tried to make it easy for you to search by naming the tools to make it easy to find via the search engineer. There are always new tools coming out each and every year and as soon as they do EPHG Limited will be straight on to them and will share there story with you live and recorded on our site.

If your a seller and have a new tool you can give us a call on 07730247247 and we are always available to have a chat and help to see how we can help sell your new product.

Maybe your product is a fail or maybe your product can be a success, without trying to sell your product via giving us the chance to give you an interview, you may never know.

When it comes to EPHG Limited help you with any of your advanced emergency plumbing tools, we have the largest network of Emergency Electricians, Emergency Plumbers, Emergency Heating Engineers and 24 hour gas engineers throughout the UK.

Please note, even though Martin Smith have these wonderful tools he carries to plumbing emergencies, he is also gas safe carrying out emergency boiler repairs 24 hours a day.

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