Contractors Terms

Welcome to EPHG Limited, the leading emergency service company for urgent repairs & maintenance

By accepting the text message, you also accept and agree to the contractors terms and you're also fully aware and agree to the clients terms and the content within these page.

As part of agreeing to these terms, you accept the contractors terms by clauses by clicking here.

Please note that the links above are the most important pages you’ll accept by attending EPHG’s clients, you accept all of these Clients terms and agree to abide by them at all times and any terms that may not be relating to you will differ in the contractors terms.

Other useful information regarding you, our client & EPHG

At this point, you may of completed your first job given from EPHG or you may be a contractor that is already on our system, either way, it may be worth noting that we offer plenty of information on this website to make your stay worth while by taking a look at our website and many of our links involved.

If you're not registered then at the bottom of this page, you should see a 'Engineer Register' link which you can click on and register. If you decide to register, you would need to also download the 'EPHG Limited' App and click sign up making sure you accept all options on the dowload and allowing for your phone to communicate with the app and if you struggle, do feel free to make direct contact with the GDPR officer Martin Smith on 07730247247.

Once you've registered and signed up to the app, you should be contacted by Adrian from his email address who should ask you for a copy of your liabilty insurance and may ask for evidence of your competence depending of what you're qualified to work on.

If you've completed all the tasks of registering and signing up to the app, you may want to join the EPHG group on our social networks and to do this, you would be best asking the GDPR officer for the next steps to get the most of your membership with EPHG Limited.