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Welcome to our Complaints and Refunds Policy

As explained in our about us, you will understand we are a small company being 8 employees and over 1000 contractors on our system.

Having to deal with over 1000 contractors is never easy for any company which is one of the reasons we have a complaints and refunds policy.

If your visiting this page due to a cancellation, then we have a dedicated page for refunds, cancellations & gesture of good will page where that would be more relevant.

Before you make you complaint, it is very important you understand the terms by clauses which you MUST read.

When booking our service, it is your legal duty to understand our terms regardless of if you have decided to ignore them or not.

Just below is a step by step guide from making your complaint to getting a refund.

EPHG Limited Complaint Procedures

Depending on how severe the complaint is, you are best starting your complaint verbally by either a member of staff or with the contractor in question depending of who your complaint is with.

If contacting a member of staff, you can call 07720247247 (DO NOT TEXT) and this will be diverted to who ever is taking the calls at the time.

It is also good practise to make sure you keep any evidence of your complaint as verbal context may not hold up due to the weight of the evidence it holds and most importantly, stay away from imputations.

If you feel that your complaint is not going to be dealt with accurately, we have a dedicated complaints officer who can assist you by sending an email to

It may be possible that Martin could assist your complaint by a phone call or you could give Martin a call direct by calling his number 07730247247.

Refunds Policy

Sometimes a complaint can easily be dealt with by verbally content, however if you have been granted a refund either of being a gesture of good will, it is important that you understand how the process works.

If the complaint is with the contractor, the first steps is that the contractor will make an agreement with you so that you fully understand when you with get a refund from the contractor that came out.

In most cases, the contractor will let us know that the refund has been made and we would then ask our client if they have received their refund or the client will let us know that the refund has been received.

Once we have confirmation that the refund has been refunded, the next process either being of good will or not, then goes into process which is more than likely within 48 hours and in most cases, immediately depending on when we read the confirmation of refund.

Once we process the refund, we will then reply back to let you know that the refund is now in process.

From the moment the refund is in process, the refund generally takes 4 to 5 working days and like 99% of our clients, this seems to be the time process however, the terms of the banks may be different.

Once the refund is in process, depending on the agreement, this is the moment you may of agree to not complain or say anything further so that the matter can then be closed and your complaint or case is then filed.

When a complaint is filed, we then file your complaint for up to 6 years for the reason your complaint may be re-opened or not or we need your complaint for legal reasons.

What if I want a refund immediately without following the refund policy from EPHG Limited

If the complaint is with EPHG Limited we could refund you within 48 hours if this is agreed however, if your complaint is with the contractor, you could still request us to refund you immediatelty. (We recommend you do not take this action because you could lose your cause for assistance).

If you decide for us to refund you before the contractor of which the complaint is with, you are then closing the case with EPHG Limtied meaning we can no longer assist you in your complaint and the complaint being filed for up to 6 years.

If you would like us to refund you and closing the case with us, you can no longer associate the complaint with us and you agree to say nothing more about our company.

This does not mean that your case is closed with the contractor and legally you can still continue your complaint with the contractor, however we can not assist you any further and there can no longer be any negativity towards our company.

It may also be good that if you have a poor understanding for our terms that you could read them again by clicking terms here.