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Welcome to our Refund, Cancellations And Gesture Of Good Will Page

Now and again, our clients have either an opinion or an honest opinion and if there is no evidence then it just becomes an opinion and it is our duty to investigate the matter resulting in a refund or a good will gesture.

The likelihood of you landing on this page is that you have been directed to the refunds, cancellations and gesture of good will because you have asked questions to a member of staff or you have come here of your own will through the guidance of the website or our terms.

First of all we are going to explain how our refund policy works and depending on the question you have for us, we are hoping we can answer you before sending us an email to

If you are sending us an email, your email address should match the email we have from you on our system and if it doesn't match, due to GDPR we have to verify your email address which is mostly done by a text message to your mobile number we have on the system for you.


Refunds are given if we are found to have done anything wrong unless it has been noted as a gesture of good will.

As explained in the terms:

  • 3.2 - The Deposit is paid before the booking and is non-refundable subject to the provisions of clause 6.2.

A deposit is non refundable from the time we take the booking unless paid as a good will gesture depending on the nature of the refund.

The time of the booking is the time of the deposit taken and not the moment we send a text/email if we send you either at all.

As soon as a booking is made and the call out fee is paid, the service starts and we immediately get to work in organising a contractor to attend to the property of work requested for.

It is very likely that the contractor we send to your property is already on route even though our terms state within 2 hours unless organised in writing otherwise.

It is possible we could make a stop to the transaction if the client is lucky enough meaning our company get a window of opportunity to cancel the transaction and stop the payment from being authorised to being captured and this is generally 5 minutes, however this isn't a rule we set and it only goes by luck as it may not be our own fault if we cant get to the transaction in time to cancel the process.

The problem we have if trying to cancel the transaction is that we could be too busy on a call or WorldPay wont let us sign in to cancel the transaction.

The issue we have when a client decides to cancel an emergency call out is, as soon as our payment system processes the payment regardless of our client cancelling is that we have about 17 minutes worth a work.

As soon as the transaction is processed, EPHG Limited have no choice but to pay employees and it is also likely we have to pay the contractor for his inconvenience also as there could be many other reasons such as the engineer had to cancel one of his own jobs or is on route to our client. It is also possible that the contractor is uncontactable due to network issues once he has received the job.

Due to high advertising costs and money that is paid to each staff member, each emergency job we get in costs the company an estimated cost of £40 and this does not include any inconvenience fees we have to pay the contractor which can cost the company a further £36 totalling £76.

In some cases the call out fee we take from the client doesnt always cover the money we lose, however from the bigger picture, we only get an estimate of 1 in 10 emergencies call outs cancelling.


If you are cancelling, you also acknowledge that you've already paid a call out fee as the deposit according to our terms, you fully acknowledge that the deposit is non returnable subject to terms by clauses 6.2.

Gesture Of Good Will

A gesture of good will means that we haven't done anything wrong, however we normally offer this at the end of any case.

If at all there is a complaint that isn't our fault, maybe the complaints against the contractor and not our staff members, the transfer of the gesture of good will is always the last part as it closes the case which is then saved in a closed complaints folder for up to 6 years as part of the GDPR.

Important notice when asking for a refund for any reason

If there's a disagreement, it is very important to keep evidence as the person who is dealing with a complaint can only act upon the evidence if nobody has a verbal agreement.

This is why it is very important that if you are cancelling, you first need to cancel verbally and immediately afterwards you need to email us to or send us a text or both or you can call us after you have made a cancellation by email/text.

It is VERY IMPORTANT you dont send a text to 07720247247 as this phone is perminently diverted to whom ever is on shift at the time.

It is also important when having an opinion, that it remains only an opinion if we do not agree and there is no evidence to your opinion meaning it can not be an honest opinion without an agreement of the opinion between the client and the other party or evidence is presented to EPHG Limited.

It is also important that any complaints are not exaggerated in order to try and get a point accross or to try and put a complaint in your favour as it could likely result in imputations against you for example: 'I've been robbed by your company', when the truth could be that the engineer was on route say half an hour and because you cancel, you lose your deposit. Using the word 'Robbed' can be a very serious allegations which should never be used, so it is better for your questioning or complaints to keep reasonable.


It may also be good that if you have a poor understanding for our terms that you could read them again by clicking terms here.