Emergency Central Heating Power Flush Flushing Service

Looking for an emergency central heating flush & requiring a power flushing service?

Welcome to EPHG, a place you could get an emergency power flushing service and the home of the emergency service for electric, plumbing, heating and gas.

EPHG Limited is a company with terms protecting both our clients and the contractors in question and it’s the responsibility of EPHG to try and organise a contractor when your central heating system requires a power flushing service.

Before using our emergency central heating flushing service, it's very important to know everything about us and by reading this article, we hope to try and give you enough information that reflects our service.

The duties of EPHG is to try and organise you a contractor to come out and give you a central heating power flush in an emergency being of urgent repairs and maintenance.

As part of agreeing for EPHG to organising a contractor when requiring a central heating power flush service, you also agree to the terms located here.

To help you in understanding your costs, we are building a calculator to try and give you a better understanding, however, the calculator may not be ready just yet but it doesn’t stop us from giving you a quote in the mean time.

Emergency Central Heating Power Flushing Service

When you contact EPHG, the first thing you will expect with or without looking at the central heating power flushing calculator is that we will ask you your postcode and how many radiators you have.

All the areas we cover when it comes to getting a central heating power flushing service are in the power flushing service town directory of this website.

24 Hour Central Heating Power Flush

The only thing we offer when it comes to a 24 hour central heating power flush may just be the booking but we strongly advice the booking is best in the day time as a central heating power flush takes a little bit more time than our usual emergency service.

How long does it take EPHG to organise a central heating power flushing service?

The average time of organising an emergency service in the hour of need is about 10 minutes, however, for the central heating power flushing service, it can take much longer and an estimated time of two hours due to the task involved.

Due to the time it takes EPHG to organise a contractor for doing a central heating power flush, the costs could be more expensive than the usual emergency.

Here are the rates for a central heating power flushing service page.

Organising a central heating powerflush is a little different to our general emergency plumbing service, meaning, don't expect an emergency plumber within 2 hours when having a power flush, however, we still class this as urgent repairs and maintenance.

A powerflush for your central heating is always best started in the morning as in most cases, this can be regarded as a days work or longer.

We have a very interesting article in regards to getting a power flushing and here you can read the article called central heating power flush

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How should I know if I needs an emergency central heating power flush

To know if you need a central heating power flush would be to detirmen if your central heating is brown and has a poor circulation and takes much longer than normal to heat up your home.

How much should a central heating power flush cost

We have a dedicated page about central heating power flushing that explains how much a power fush service will cost.

What does a dirty central heating cause

Before deciding to get an emergency central heating power flushing service, it is best knowing about the cause of the central heating problems, what damages are caused by the dirty central heating system and what are the pros of getting the central heating clean at such a high cost.

There could be two main causes of your central heating system becoming dirty or sludgy from two different types of systems.

  • The system boiler open system
  • The combination boiler closed system

The most common system in the past to gain sludge would be the old system boiler that gets it's elements from metal and air with a build up of bacteria.

The combination boiler can get its elements from corroding radiators, trapped air and generally takes much longer to build up bacteria.

The old system boiler will have a couple of tanks, a cylinder and a boiler, well a combination boiler being the closed system will just rely on the gas boiler.

How does bacteria get into your central heating and how does this make your water dirty and turn in to sludge

Bacteria is all around us in the air and when it gets into the central heating system, the bacteria grows.

Bacteria are one celled or unicellular microorganisms that reproduce when one cell splits into two and two cells split into 4 and so on.

The process of the bacteria reproducing is called binary fision and in perfect conditions, a single bacteria can become more than a billion bacteria within 10 hours or more.

Bacteria doesn't just grow on it's own and requires nutrients that helps the bacteria to grow.

Bacteria can obtain energy and nutrients by performing photosynthesis, decomposing dead organisms and wastes, or breaking down chemical compounds.

Bacteria obtain energy and nutrientsby establishing close relationships with other organisms, including mutualistic and parasitic relationships.

In the case of the central heating system, it's not just the bacteria you have to worry about but the natural corrusion of iron and mix that with bacteria, this causes sludge over time.

What are the negative points about power flushing

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, maybe it's cold, could be that your boiler isnt working correctly, it is always important to understand the negative points of a power flush before organising an emergency central heating power flushing service.

One of the biggest problems about getting a power flush done is the cost. The reason a power flush can be costly is because of the equipement being used and the amount of work that is required when doing a power flush correctly.

Another negative point is that you could discover a leak occuring, however, these types of leaks are normally leaks that would of happend within the next 12 months.

Discovering a leak on a central heating system well doing a power good be negative, however, this could be looked upon as a positive because, you already have an engineer working on the central heating system at that point meaning, the amount of damage has been reduced rather than turning up one day and your house being flooded

What advice could I get in the future to reduce the chances of having a power flush

The only way to reduce the chances of getting an emergency central heating power flush service done in future is to get a central heating filter.

Once you have a central heating filter, you will require an anual service which is done alongside your boiler service.

The pros of getting this done is that your cetral heating system stays clean, keeps your cetral heating system in tip top condition, you get better flow rate and reduces the need for a 24 hour emergency plumber.

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