My Electrician

Understanding about my electrician

Just below, we will give examples of jobs and what to expect.

  • I’ve got no power to the house
  • The consumer unit has tripped and I’ve got no power in my home

If you don’t have any power in your home and the consumer unit hasn’t tripped, there is a possibility that your area hasn’t got any power, making it pointless having an electrician.

If you’ve booked an electrician and you’re unsure if it’s an issue internally or externally to your property, please note, it is not our responsibility to search your area having an issue, however, you can do these checks yourself.

If you don’t have power externally coming into your home, you can ask your next door neighbour if they have power, or ask a neighbour that is on the same power supply as you, alternatively, you could type into a search engineer on the internet ‘Power Cut Checker’, which there may be plenty of websites, able to give you the required information, for what you are looking for.

If you have an engineer on route, and you find it's an issue within your area, the best thing to save you, is the labour costs of an electrician with our company, is to cancel the contractor organised by EPHG via our cancellation process.

My Issue is downstream from the consumer unit meaning either the consumer unit or afterwards to the appliance

If the issue is either the consumer unit or after the consumer unit downstream to the appliances, then you’ve done the right thing in requesting an electrician.

The job of the electrician is to try and get your power back on to as many appliances as possible, and where a fix is not possible, the electrician would need to make safe and advice onwards, unless the work to either fix or make safe is unattainable.

In some circumstance, if the fault finding can't be found, it may because the system is deemed either unsafe or incorrectly fitted, and further advice may be given, subject to the job in question.

If the work in question is not related to electrical, you may need an alternative contractor shown in the ‘My Contractors' List. You can either organise your own contractor or call us to make a separate booking.

If you feel you’re not happy with the work in question, our advice would be to follow the complaint procedures page, by using the following links below.