My Drainage Engineer

Understanding about my drainage engineer

If you find yourself with blocked drains, which is causing your toilet, basin, shower and bath to be blocked, then most drains are unblocked within the hour, however, from time to time, the blockage could be hard to shift.

The worst scenario in having a blocked drain we think, is finding your drain being collapse or having roots.

If your drain is collapsed, it is more than likely the drain will not be fixed, and may need your drain digging up, as a separate job.

If you have routes in your drain, parts of the drain are likely be broken, and the majority of the time, this could be fixed, however, roots in the drain are not easy to get out and you may need a CCTV.

We estimate and find that 90% of drains are unblocked, and the 10% need digging up or other, so I would like to say, in most cases, it should just be a simple job of getting a machine out and unblocking the drains.

All drainage engineers should have a machine and with EPHG, this machine comes with a hire charge of £30 and paid directly to the engineer, regardless of the machine being used or not.

Drainage engineers work on unblocked drain pipes and soil pipes, but not waste pipes which are the width of 50mm or smaller, and about the size of a tennis ball or a golf ball.

Drainage engineers are not as easy to get out like electricians, plumbers and heating engineers, however, we would try to get someone within 8 hours, unless agreed otherwise.

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