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If you’ve contacted us regarding a boiler engineer, then this should be put into different categories on what to expect, but all generally come under the same principles.

If your boiler is faulty and you're expecting a full repair, then you could be disappointed if your expectations haven't been reached.

We estimate that 70% of attended jobs relating in boiler problems are fixed on first visit, which we try to tell you over the phone and tell you here as a reminder. 70% is just a rough guide given that many boilers are old or special parts are required as staff are not trained boiler experts.

With some issues, if you speak to a technical advisor, you could get an estimate of 50/50 being a repair, and other times, you could get a 95% chance of a repair, however, you are welcome to speak to the technical advisor if you ask and one is available when calling.

Please note, that if a boiler can’t be fully repaired, you will have no choice but to pay the minimum costs being the call-out fee and the minimum of one hours labour, however, the engineer should give you the best advice going forward in regards to getting a full repair and making an offer to come back out.

Some people may wonder why the parts can’t be carried, and that’s because the engineers work on a range of many different boilers, with many different parts to each boiler. Because it is likely that the engineers are not able to use each part soon, each part has a stock life, and therefore becomes out of warranty if the parts are ever needing to be used. Not only would parts become a vehicle weight issue, it would be unreasonable to expect these parts due to stock life to be carried around.

Please note that in some cases, you may be able to request a manufactures specialist, to make a visit, but you would have to go directly to the manufacture and not our company, as the manufacture generally have contractors that specialise in certain types of boilers, and therefore able to carry the parts with them at a rate, or a set cost, which can sometimes be cheaper or more expensive.

With many manufactures, we find them not beign available immediately, and many of them needing plenty of notice.

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