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Here we have a review of the best toilet seat & we also include many other questions in regards to toilet seat. If you require a service from us then you could visit the emergency plumbing repairs page.

We also include an article about 22 common questions regarding toilet seat problems.

A few questions relating to the best toilet seat

Just below we have a few questions and further below we like to answer them.

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What is the best toilet seat I can buy and where can I buy it from, including a toilet seat service if required.

  • What is the best toilet seat I can buy?
  • Where can I buy the best toilet seats?
  • Toilet seat services?

What is the best toilet seat I can buy

The best toilet seat you can buy for 2019 in our opinion would be the Push n’Clean Padova by Carrara & Matta.

The reason we believe that the Push n'Clean Padova is the best toilet seat is because:

  • Push & Lift system, taking the toilet seat completely away to clean
  • The soft closing toilet seat that stops the toilet seat from slamming down
  • The toilet seat is easy to clean
  • The toilet seat is easy to fit and can be done from the top only with no additional tools than what the toilet seat carries in its box upon first purchased
  • The toilet seat is Sta-Tite meaning the toilet seat when down doesn’t move side to side give or take any natural movement

The toilet seat release mechanism is push button free meaning there isn’t a button that’s on the toilet, however, the whole toilet seat acts as the button, so when the toilet is in the upright position, you simply push the toilet seat towards the toilet and then pull up and could be done within 2 seconds literally allowing for you to clean the toilet seat away from the toilet pan.

The toilet seat also consist of two types of tools that is supplied with the toilet seat known.

Where can I buy the best toilet seats

At the time of writing this article, I realised that the toilet seat wasn’t currently available after visiting the Carrara & Matta website that sends me to the Bemis Company, however it also depends when you're reading this article as this article was written in October 2018.

A further update to this page when making contact with the company that make the toilet seat on 5th November 2018, the product is imminent and should be on the website anytime.

I received the toilet seat when visiting a Phex Show in Manchester and took a great liking to the toilet seat letting them know that I would like to write about the toilet seat as it looked very impressive.

Within a week on receiving the toilet seat, I decided to fit it and within 2 weeks I had written about the toilet seat giving it my thoughts.

I’m sure when the time is right, you could type into the search engineer of Google ‘Push n’Clean Padova’ and search for the product and hopefully I will update this page.

As soon as the toilet seat is ready for sale, I will be buying two more of them myself and fitting them to the two remaining toilet seats.

As per the conversation with Bemis, here are the product codes 100113000, 100115000 and 100119000 which you may be able to find in your local DIY store or by request with your local bathroom showroom.

You can contact Bemis Limited by there contact number 01282438717 which is the number given on the box supplied by Bemis Limited.

Toilet seat services

Toilet Seat Services

If you're looking for a toilet seat specialist, then you can use our company called EPHG Limited who runs a national network of engineers being contractors.

Please note that all the engineers may not be specialists as there may not be a services that can legitimately offer this, however, I’m sure that all the engineers are experienced at fitting toilet seats.

A good reason for choosing our company to organise an engineer would be that most of the engineers have been on our system for up to 10 years and only a very few are new that they only get work by keeping a good reputation about them.

You can contact our company by using the phone number or booking service from above or just call us on 07720247247.

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