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Think Outside The Box But Always Stay Within The Circle

Welcome to the meaning of our saying 'Think outside the box but always stay within the circle' which is the trademark of EPHG Limited. If your wondering on what the saying of the trademark is all about and other information related to the trademark, then please continue to read.

The trademark was registered with the Intellectual Property Office on the 20th January 2017 being a trademark of EPHG Limited and a trademark we continue to use today.

At the moment, we only have an old video on this page which is not related to the trademark, however, we do hope to replace the video at some point.

New video expected between 17th October to 21st October.

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I hope you watched the video but if not I will explain it here, My name is Martin Smith the directory of EPHG Limited who is the main person in the video but we have also included Adrian Preston who is the assistant manager.

The video is all about the brand logo and the saying think outside the box but always stay within the circle. Most of you will know what it means or think what it means but if your unsure then please keep reading and all this will be explained.

Before the 24th April 2015 Martin Smith was running a small business called Martin Smith Plumibng, to Martin this was not a small business as it was a national business but with a local name making it look small. As new alleyways were opening up, the business was taking different directions of which had to go through many changes.

The name of the company had to be very simple, short and straight to the point, as we were a business currently working in the plumbing, heating and gas industry, we had to think forward to the future and where the business was heading knowing that soon we would be doing the emergency electrical too.

The new changes meant that we would then be trading doing the electrical, plumbing, heating and gas but the question was on how to make this simple for customers to remember and for the name to make logic sense. For this reason we had to think outside the box but always stay within the circle.

As we transformed from becoming a general business to becoming a national company doing the electrical, plumbing, heating & gas, it then made sense that the only way to come up with the right business name that suites the companies meaning, making it short to remember, would be to use the initials of what the company was all about and that's where the EPHG came from.

E stands for Electrical, P stands for Plumbing, H stands for Heating and G stands for Gas.

So now we have the name EPHG Limited and we knew where the company was going and what we are all about but we didn't have a brand logo and a saying that suited the company.

To be honest, thinking about the logo didn't take too much thought as it came natural because we already knew what the company were all about but it was how we were going to pass over the message to our clients and all the engineers out there dong the work taken on by EPHG Limited.

In January 2016, we then came up with the logo and the saying and here I will explain.

Our company is all about moving forwards and upwards meaning we had to think of things that don't even exist and to do that we had to think outside the box, to think outside the box we had to be clever but most importantly we have to stay within the law and to implement the law as part of the logo, we introduced the circle.

The circle is very important not only for the clients trust in using our company but for the engineers to follow the law placed in the consumers act but also the rules laid out by our company EPHG Limited.

So now we have the box and the circle but there was just one thing missing and that was myself Martin Smith looking over the whole project and that is where the symbol of the face comes from above the logo.

Now just to explain the circle and the box, generally most people think inside the box meaning it is what we already know and what we've been taught right or wrong. For the company to move onwards and upwards, we then have to think outside the box.

It isn't hard thinking outside the box as many people think but it can be tricky staying within the law if you don't know what you are doing, so this is why we introduce the circle. The circle represents the law of both the consumers act and the way our company works and its there to protect both the consumer and the engineer.

There's many clever people out there today that are always being held back by there financial situation but with the help of EPHG Limited we aim to bring the future much earlier and make the meaning behind the company help both the client and help as many engineers out there with there day to day work.

It is very often that many clients and engineer from all around the world that stay within the box, work outside the box and outside the circle, it is also very easy to work within the box but at the same time be outside the circle meaning you are then outside the law.

As the company advances over time, our aim is to make the clients job much easier but not only that, we also aim to make the engineers job much easier too.

What we aim to do in the short term is to take the biggest problems we face as a society and work on them to make them much better for both the client and all the engineer and as soon as we solve them issues, we then aim to solve the smaller issues.

Of cause there are always issues but like anything in life, we have to find them issues, come across them and turn them into good so that we never have to face them again.

What our aim is going forward is to find new issues and to resolve them by using our current technology out there.

It is also very important to spread the word and let people know we are out there by using the logos name #ThinkOutsideTheBoxButAlwaysStayWithinTheCircle (Think Outside The Box But Always Stay Within The Circle).

The future going forward, we aim to promote, we aim to do live videos and to build the largest network in our industry and bring as many people together.

I would also like to ask new members to take a look at my social page on my website and from there you can gain all the relevant link to all our Social Networks such as twitter, my EPHG Youtube Channel, EPHG Limited Group, Like EPHG Group Page and also friend me to keep up to date with what I can offer by searching martin@ephg.limited.

We have many great resources on the website EPHG Limited, we have an areas page that leads us to all the areas we cover as a national company, we have a service page that leads you to all types of services we do, on each page we have a video that includes 5 seconds of typical jobs we undertake on each of the area pages of which you can spend hours of your time watching with much to learn.

We have a News and Articles page that leads you to our latest videos we have done in what we are promoting, we include a list of all of our history posts.

We have a link to our EPHG App that explains in more details. We also have a Signed Notes App that helps to explain on how to use the app and give both the engineer and the client a better experience in using our service.

We aim to keep you entertain and by entertaining you we hope you can learn from our videos. If you have any ideas then feel free to share them and together, the future will become more EPHG.

Please remember this in life and you will go far: Think Outside The Box But Always Stay Within The Circle.