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Welcome to EPHG Limited, the electrical, plumbing, heating & gas register

Just below is a video that will explain in detail all about the electrical, plumbing, heating and gas register but most importantly, if this is any good for you. We also cater from drainage engineers as well as oil engineers and much more.

Please watch the video below and click here to register.

Before you decide to register, it is also important you understand the contractors terms laid of by EPHG Limited that protects both our client and the contractor just incase of a complaint was to arise.

We have also included the contractor guidelines in regards to your duties from start to the end of the contract in regards to save garding yourself from any accusations from the client as part of a resolution dispute claim.

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I hope you enjoyed the video but just below is an explaination in writing also that is also important to read as we may not cover everything in the video above.

First and most importantly you will need to register your business details which can be passed to the client if requested as part of the terms supplied by EPHG Limited.

Once you have filled in the form and submitted we normally take up to 48 hours to get you on the system Monday to Friday.

After submitting your details, we will also require a few more details from you such a copy of your insurance, letter headed address stating you are self employed stating your qualifications. If you are gas safe, we required a copy in a picture form and sent to the email address martin@ephg.limited

It is also important that you understand the contractors terms.

The first hour of labour plus materials is authorised by the terms of the agreement the client agrees to The rates of pay you are paid from the customer on an emergency is currently either £90 or £95 for first hour then per half hour of half the amount there after. On but after the first hour you have to get an agreement directly from the customer but also depends what we text you upon excepting the job. Sometimes we get non emergency work which is paid at £60 for first hour then £30 per half hour afterward but you will be noticefied before you except the job and sent to you in a text.

If your a drainage engineer and carry a jetting machine, as long as there is authorisation, you can charge an additional £30 just for a days hire minimum of the day or minimum per visit.

All emergencies to the customers are explained within 30 to 90 minutes unless mentioned otherwise but our aim is always as quick as possible giving the customer the best experience.

If you've got yourself as on call on the app and we try to call but you dont answer, then it is always courtesy to reply with a text to either the contact you receive a missed call from. It is also important to note down the phone numbder from who will most likely be calling by visiting the contact page in the footer below.

As well as the on/off call app, you will need to download the Signed Notes app which since 1st August 2016 it will become mandatory. The signed notes app will help when it comes to customer experience and after care giving the customers the best experience possible. Signed Notes will also tell use everything we need to know so we also advice you to watch the video by clicking on the signed notes link.

There are many engineer that come to us that think our system is too good to be true but it is exactly as we explain it. If you would like to chat to fellow engineer that already do the emergencies for us then why not join the group at Facebook EPHG Limited Group and get asking away. Well your on facebook, it is also important for you to like our EPHG Limited facebook page to get the latest update in our company.

If your gas safe registered we also have a Gas Safe Only Group of only gas safe register engineers that are currently gas safe registered, please note we will request for an up to date proof of ID once a year to proof you are gas safe to give a better group experience but please bare in mind that there may be some engineer that there gas safe card may have run out but as we do checks once a month, we will soon remove the engineers that are not currently registered.

Once you have attended the emergency and you are asked to do any further work which is the result of us getting you the emergency in the first place, we believe it is only right that you respect that you pay us 10% labour costs as a thank you to our company which will be used to grow the company and get you more work in future.

If you are on route to a job, you are entitled to an inconvenience fee of £30 of which you will need to send an invoice to EPHG Limited at martin@ephg.limited which we see as reasonable where in some case that engineers that get many jobs of us will just waiver this as a respect of us helping them out in so many ways.

Please note that all customers within there terms will be paying you at the end of the job as deemed reasonable unless there is an alternative reason which is deemed reasonable but where some customers you have to invoice, you are within your rights to charge admin fees however can be seen as a grey area but again it has to be reasonable.

Please note that there will be many additions to this article 'about register' which will be update and will be your responsibility that you acknowledge the changes within 12 months of being registered and every 12 months onwards where every change within 12 months will have a date attached to it.

If you decide to de-register then please do so by sending Martin Smith an email to martin@ephg.limited and only this way we can de-register you on our plumbing system for any future emergencies.

Please note that we have an engineer of the month page which is currently on our old sister website, our plan will be start a new engineer of the month come 1st February 2017 which will be published on a monthly basis that should give the currently top 10 engineers used by an algorithm of questions with aftercare and how much you help our company out.

Become engineer of the month is measured by the great reviews you get back from the customers you visit, the 10% you pay the company as part of a thank you, the distance you travel, getting to the customers within a reasonable time, the use of both apps turning yourself on/off call and signed notes. Doing emergencies from 10:00pm to 8:00 also plays a major roll in your quality score. Passing work our way also helps but overall treating our company like its your own and giving it the respect it deserves.

Martin Smith has over 20 years in doing the emergencies and if you need an advice at all then please feel free to ask.Martin Smith would like you to respect the saying within the business of Think outside the box but always stay within the circle of which in the bottom left hand corner of this site you can find out the meaning.

Before you leave this page, we would like you to keep note that visiting our home page will be best for your future and hopefully give you plenty of information for future events, news and many other subjects and all you need to do is to search on the internet EPHG Limited which will take your directly to our home page. As this website was only complete for July/August 2016, you may not find much but as we will be putting so much work into this, you should find this a massive benafit and thank you in your time in reading this artilce.