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Welcome to EPHG Limited, the electrical, plumbing, heating & gas register

Just below is a video that will explain in detail, all about the electrical, plumbing, heating and gas register, but most importantly, if this is any good for you. We also cater from drainage engineers as well as oil engineers and much more.

Please watch the video below and click here to register.

Before you decide to register, it is also important, you understand the contractors terms laid of by EPHG Limited, that protects both our client and the contractor, just incase of a complaint arising.

We also include the contractors guidelines, to help assist your duties from start to the end of the contract. The guidelines as part of a resolution dispute claims system, and should help assist you from any accusations of wrong-doing.

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I hope you enjoyed the video, just below, we also include allot of important information.

Step 1. Register yourself and your business with EPHG, details that we can pass to our clients upon arranging your service as part of an emergency call to our client.

Once you have filled in the form and submitted your details, a member of staff should be in touch from one of the email addresses mentioned in the contacts page, link below.

Step 2. It is likely we will ask for a copy of your insurance documents, and any other information to verify you being legit.

Step 3. Once registered, wait up to 2 weeks to be added to the system. Once an emergency comes in, we will be in contact to ask if you can attend.

It is also important that you understand the contractors terms.

We strongly advice you to visit the price plan page, and familiarise yourself with the contractors rates, subject to discounts that could come either from random customers, or partner companies, that use us allot.

All emergency call-outs are given an alloted time frame, most likely within 2 hours from the time of booking, however, this time frame agreed between EPHG and the contractor, is always stated on the text we send to all contractors.

When you register with us, we ask many questions such as the distance you're prepared to travel, the time you're on call, and a range of types of jobs you're able to work on.

We run an online group on facebook called EPHG Limited, which you could find by clicking here.

Once you have attended the emergency call-out, and you have further work to do with the same client, we expect a 10% commission fee, paid to us that allows us to assist the client further if needed.

If you're on route to a job, and the job cancels, you could claim a £30 inconvenience fee, by sending an invoice to EPHG. In many cases, engineers waiver this cost, and we waiver the 10% commission fees.

Please note, if you get into any difficulties and need any technical advice, you could contact Martin Smith on 07730247247, who has over 27 years of expereince in the plumbing industry, and some electrical experience also.

If you decide to de-register, we would also appreciate you letting us know, as then we can take you off our system, which we update on average every two weeks.