Engineer Of The Year 2017 League

Welcome to the engineer of the year 2017 league

Update on this page being the 12/1/2020 being that there is a new engineer of the year page at engineer of the year 2020

Every month we do a live video presenting the best engineer voted by EPHG Limited staff & clients by great reviews.

The engineer of the year use to be known as plumber of the year in previous years, however has the company has grown and not only dealing with Emergency Plumbing and gas issues, we now run a 24 hour electrical service based throughout the UK.

The previous winners are as listed below:

  • Lee The Animal Campbell (Gas Engineer from Wigan) 2012.
  • Damon Owen (Engineer disqualified) 2013.
  • Thomas The Tank Sweeney (Gas Engineer from Bromborough) 2014.
  • Andrew Chicken Leg Jones (Gas Engineer from Wigan) 2015.
  • Mohammed Never Say No Ali (Plumber from West Lothian) 2016.
  • Ismatullah Ali Mandozai (West London) 2017.


January has been the second busiest month ever but not as busy as the previest month December 2016 where EPHG Limited had an expansion rate of 105% in comparisons from the previous December.

If you would like to watch the video which is due to go live on 8th January 2017 on facebook then click this link (DUE SOON). If you would like to watch the video live then search Martin Smith by his email address on facebook

The Engineer of the years current league

Coming soon (Estimated 10th January 2017) watch the live video 8th February 2017 20:00 by searching facebook and freinding Martin Ison Smith.