Engineer Of The Year 2020 League

Welcome to the engineer of the year 2020 league

Here is where you get to see the current engineer of the year and the previouse engineer of the year. The current engineer of the year in 2020 is Usman Yousaf who is a gas engineer covering the Dudley area and covers up to one hour or more in distance to the job.

The votes was made up of 7 people who work for EPHG Limited and out of the top 20 engineers, it was finally narrowed down to two engineers being Dave Hignett and Usman Yousef.

Out of the two engineer, it turned out that 5 staff voted for Usman and two staff voted for Dave, so the winner went to Usman.

Dave Hignett has come 2nd in two years now, one being in 2016 and one being in 2020.

The previous engineer of the year was Gary Angus who performed to be the best performing engineer of 2018.

The previous winners are as listed below:

  • Usman Always Says Yes Yousef (Gas Engineer from Dudley) 2019.
  • Gary Hungry Angus (Gas Engineer from Cheltenham) 2018.
  • Ismatullah Ali Mandozai (Gas Engineer from West London) 2017.
  • Mohammed Never Say No Ali (Plumber from West Lothian) 2016.
  • Andrew Chicken Leg Jones (Gas Engineer from Wigan) 2015.
  • Thomas The Tank Sweeney (Gas Engineer from Bromborough) 2014.
  • Damon Owen (Engineer disqualified) 2013.
  • Lee The Animal Campbell (Gas Engineer from Wigan) 2012, became a good freind and sadly past away in 2018 - RIP.

Engineer of the decade

Engineer of the decade would be a tricky one because the only one that could give this would be Martin the director of the company as we feel the staff haven't been at EPHG Limited long enough to vote apart from Adrian who is getting closer to half a decade.

If there was a thing for the engineer of the decade, it would likely go to any of the 2 engineers being Thomas Sweeney or Steven Tregear where both contractors have shown consistency throughout the years.

Let's hope 2020 is a good year for engineer and we're looking forward to whom ever wins the engineer of the year at the end of 2020.