Bank Transfer

It is very important when paying a company by a bank transfer all monies that it is being paid to the correct account as scammers are getting more skilled at scamming people and it seems to be getting harder to understand if and how you was scammed.

At EPHG Limited we are committed to making it as hard as possible for our clients to not be part of a scam and have taken every step we can possibly think of and that it is making sure that you the client is not the victim to a scam when paying us.

Please note that our company is PCI DSS certification meaning we are certified to taking payments over the phone and can do so securely.

Details for making a bank transfer

Before making payment to us, make sure that the invoice you received is of the same details as on this page as it is you the person paying into EPHG Limited that is liable for who you pay.

If you are still unsure of if the bank details being correct or not and you would like some added security then you could contact Martin Smith of EPHG Limited and request Martin Smith sending the bank details by text from 07730247247.

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  • 01-09-17

When making payment please reference your postcode and time of payment for example bl10AB1836 meaning the postcode would be BL1 0AB and the time would be 18:36 or 6:36pm.

The bank details will never change under your current contract and if so it will be given by prior notice of at least 28 days on this page letting you know that the details will be changing and if the change does happen, you must at least request a text from 07730247247 of which will match on this website pages.

Please note that this came about from a case where an engineer not related to our company sent an invoice and the scammers sent a second invoice saying the bank details on the invoice had change and if you can make the payment to such and such where the client unfortunetely paid the money into the wrong account and when asked what email address it came from, apparently it came from the engineers address that also matched and no evidence that it was sent from the engineers end.