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Gas Registration Plates for sale - G45 ENG & G45 WRK

Welcome to the selling page of Martin Smith & EPHG Limited, where we have today (12th June 2023) decided to sell the registration plates G45 ENG & G45 WRK.

This means the bidding will start from the moment this has been posted online, which we estimate to be today and the 7 days will start from 00:00 BST which stands for British Summer time and should ended at 00:00 exactly 7 days later, subject to extension times.

  • The bidding for G45 ENG will start at £3000.00
  • The bidding for G45 WRK will start at £1800.00

How long will the bidding last for?

The bidding should last for a week, however, if bids made towards the end of the 7 days, the extension time will be 48 hours from the following 00:00 the bid is updated on this website page, but no longer than 30 days in total.

Bids will need to be made by sending a text message to 07730247247 by including the amount of the bid, which registration number the bid is for, and the name of the person or/and business if needed.

All latest bids should be listed within 24 hours of the bids being made and likely within a few hours. So once making a bid, it would be adviced to visit this webpage and refresh, to get any updated information.

Please note, the minimum bid can be listed, but won't be counted for, if the price asked for hasn't been met.

The currently bid for G45 WRK is:

  • £1300.00

The currently bid for G45 ENG is:

  • £2000.00

Both of these bids have been made by a private buyer, however, will not be accepted due them not reaching the amount required.

About G45 ENG

Martin Smith the CEO of EPHG Limited believes the registration plate G45 ENG is one of the most sort after registration plates ever wanted by a gas engineer, for the reasons that it is generic and should hold it's value in the future, if you ever wanted to sell the number plate on.

The number plate G45 ENG was purchase roughly around 8 to 10 years ago, let's say in 2016 and had served Martin Smith for at least 6 years on a vehicle that had barely done about 8000 miles in all that time due to other working commitments, meaning the vehicle wasn't really needed, so in 2021, the van was sold, and the registration was kept by the form of a V778, the retention document.

If you're the winning bidder of the registration plate, it would be expected that you would make the payment by bank transfer given the bank details from the email address martin@ephg.limited or by text message from 07730247247.

As per the contact with DVLA, they have explained that for you to use the registration as the nominee, you'll need to use the document at the latest by the 16th March 2031 or risk losing the rights to the number plates by this date, however, if you use the number plates prior to this date on your vehicle, you then become the grantee and gain full rights to the registration.

About G45 WRK

The registration plate was bought on or before the 13th February 2017 from a guy called Geoffrey, of which we believe the registration plate was used upon a small car in which was scrapped for parts, however, around this date, EPHG Limited had bought the registration from Geoffrey as part of an agreement.

The retention documents was sent to EPHG Limited fully signed by Geoffrey the previous owner on the 13th February 2017 given the reason we believe the registration was bought around this date with full intentions for the registration to be used, however, never came to tuition, for the reason we've decided to sell the registration on.

Due to the registration not being used, this means the retention documents need to be used and place on a vehicle at the latest being the 6th February 2027, or lose the rights to ownership.

Bidding can be made in multi outlets, and we will be updating out bids by tweets on our verified twitter EPHGLimited.

Other information about the number plates

Please note, we don't supply the number plates, but we do supply the registration numbers.

Both number plates are subject to VAT, and should include the VAT in the bid, however, the G45 ENG may not include the VAT due to being sold privately, where the other will be sold by EPHG Limited.

Any updates should be given below.