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Activalve the best mains water stop valve

As far as Martin Smith knows EPHG Limited are the first company to be sent out the Activalve in the UK due to Activalve’s Twitter account tweeting that they were happy to send out their first Activalve.

When Martin Smith was introduced to the Activalve, the first thoughts were, what's the catch? However there is none! It's just an amazing invention that is going to change the world as we see it when it comes to the best mains water stop valve.

As you may know, Martin Smith is a national company with over 750 engineers currently on the system doing emergency electrical, plumbing, heating and gas call outs. It takes a lot for Martin Smith to get excited about a new product and this has got him interested.

Martin Smith of EPHG Limited believes that having the Activalve in your home will be a game changer in the way we shut our water on and off. Even a 3 year old can operate the stop valve as proven by Martin’s daughter. The downside was she wanted to keep it as a toy!

The question on your minds are: What’s so special about the Activalve, and why can you say it’s the best stop valve on the market today?

What's so special about the Activalve is that it has no batteries. A 3 year old can turn it off as there is a button you can press and within a second the water is turned off. The device also clearly tells you if the water is on or off. The Activalve is also visible and easily seen and great for the non DIY community as well as the DIY experts.

We're not saying that it’s a fact that it's the best stop valve out on the market today but at EPHG Limited we are saying that we believe it's the best stop valve and think most of the population are going to say the same!

It’s great just being able to explain all the great things that come from this Activalve, however, there is one thing that really sticks out that makes a massive difference. When the cold weather comes upon us Activalve prevents you from getting flood damage when your property is empty as it has a temperature sensor.

On the Activalve there is a temperature sensing device that if your water was to get too cold which is the cause of home damage in the winter, the valve shuts off just before the moment you get a burst pipe.

So the question is when it comes to preventing future damage to your home and needing to call an emergency plumber, does it make good sense in buying the Activalve now rather than waiting? If you are still unsure whether the Activalve is a great investment then let us explain further.

Most clever devices are expensive to buy and fit but with the Activalve the cost to supply the Activalve is much cheaper than many valves out there. The Activalve is also very easy to fit meaning low cost on the fitting.

(The live social video about the Activalve will be placed here soon once the page has been update).

So you have read all about the Activalve and you have also watched the video, so what next? Martin Smith thinks it is the best idea for you to note this page down as we are happy to introduce to you a 30% discount code that will make the valve much cheaper up until Christmas 2016 using the code EPHG30AV, again giving you more reason to purchase this from the company that supply the valve.

We also hope to update future discounts so please dont be discouraged to visit this page in future before visiting the website where you buy the product on the Hydravalve website.

What we suggest to fellow engineers that, if you buy and fit this incredible Activalve mains water stop valve then please do a 5 second video showing before and after you have fitted the Activalve. We will then update this page showing how great the Activalve is, why the Activalve is a game changer and is also the best mains water stop valve out there on the market.

Please email any future videos to Martin at martin@ephg.limited and he will look forward to updating this page soon.

Please note that if you are a victim of water damage in your home then you can fill in the water damage claims form of which Concept Solutions will then get in touch.